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Disability Grant Money To Help Parents With Amputee Son Medical Costs

by Ricardo Lorenzo
(Tempe, Arizona, USA)

My wife and I are parents to an extraordinary 15-year-old son who is a below-the-knee amputee.

Even though we are currently separated due to differences regarding are relationship, we have tried to to do what is in the best interest of not only our 15-year-old amputee son but also our 12-year-old son who is an extraordinary person himself!

However in doing so my wife and I have incurred financial debt due to our own educational expenses trying to make a better life for our family.

We also want to provide the best medical care possible for our 15-year-old son who has endured four surgical procedures in five years due to infections as a result of poorly fitted prosthetics.

Our son is regarded as one of the top baseball pitching prospects in the state of Arizona and has recently been notified that he will be recognized by the city of Tempe, Arizona for his courage and perseverance dealing with his disability.

These setbacks due to infection-related surgeries have put an enormous amount of strain and pressure on our marriage both mentally and financially.

We've struggled to deal with mounting medical costs, co-payments and lost wages due to work missed associated with our responsibility, and sacrifice of being involved with our son's life.

My wife and kids are facing foreclosure on our modest home in Tempe. I am disabled myself awaiting my hearing for disability.

My wife has been the sole supporter of our family working as an elementary school teacher. She has recently earned her masters in education and is trying to obtain her certification to become a principal.

Unfortunately, the cost of furthering her education will overshadow any benefit or increase in salary and will ultimately put us in greater debt!

I am trying to establish a foundation to help families in our situation but I am also hitting roadblocks since there are costs associated with establishing such nonprofit organizations, which is why I am trying to secure any financial assistance available for families such as ours.

If you cannot help us, can you please help us assisting in giving us information or contacting individuals or organizations that may be able to help? Sincerely, Ricardo F. Lorenzo.

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Dec 22, 2012
Finding benefits...
by: Don from Accessible.org


Have you tried benefits.gov?

It's a legitimate government site with a handy tool called the Benefit Finder.

All you have to do is answer a few (non-personal) questions. Based on the information you provide, it will generate a list of benefit programs for which you are eligible.

The list contains program details and contact information, so all you have to do after that is follow up on the lead.


You'll be surprised at what you see.

Don from Accessible.org

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