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Disability Grant Money To Help Parkinsons Disabled Man Until SSD Arrives

by Lance Kinter
(Homer City, PA, USA)

I am a 50-year-old male living in Homer City, Pennsylvania. I live by myself in rural, farm country.

Well, I actually live with my fat Calico cat named Callie and my best buddy Belle, who is my 12-year-old Pit Bull.

I am divorced and I have a 22-year-old daughter named Rachel who is due to deliver my first grandchild any day now.

She lives nearby with her fiancée Shawn. My mom and dad are wonderful and they live only a mile away from me as well. Family is very important.

I have a Bachelor's degree and a Master's degree and served in The Army National Guard for six years from 1981 to 1987. I enjoy hunting deer and all outdoor activities.

Disability Issues

My physical problems started in the winter of 2010, at which time I was diagnosed with type II diabetes and severe sleep apnea, as well as prostate cancer.

I had my prostate removed on April 15, 2010 and thankfully have been cancer-free since then.

I was coping well with my diabetes and my sleep apnea when I noticed my printing, which had been very good and gotten me compliments over the years, was becoming small and illegible.

I also noticed an uncontrollable tremor in my right leg. I diagnosed myself from Internet research with Parkinson's disease, which was confirmed by a doctor visit in March of 2012.

Early onset Parkinson's, as it is known when it hits before age 50, is the same disease that actor Michael J. Fox is afflicted with.

Well, I was coping with my Parkinson's okay when I started having severe lower back pain. Injections at the pain clinic provided only minimal temporary relief.

The pain became so severe that working my job in the family start-up business became impossible and I had to quit working on October 17, 2012.

Months of physical therapy did nothing lasting to alleviate the back pain and I was finally correctly diagnosed with a herniated L5 disc in late May of 2013.

Back surgery was scheduled for July 12, 2013. All the while my diabetes had brought on severe neuropathy in my feet and my hands. Most days my feet are totally numb making walking difficult.

My Parkinson's has also progressed causing me to freeze in my gait and when turning.

Back surgery was performed on July 12, as scheduled and was actually successful, as my severe pain associated with the herniated disc, was virtually gone.

AND THEN on August 22,2013 I fell in my basement due to the feet problems caused by the neuropathy and Parkinson's and re-injured my back.

The unbearable pain has returned and on Monday, November 4, 2013 I will be visiting Dr. Abla, Neurosurgeon who operated on me in July, with my latest MRI in hand for an evaluation of my present condition.

For good measure I also have severe pain (tennis elbow) in both elbows and a degenerative disc in my neck, which causes arthritis type neck issues.

I had applied for Social Security Disability and was denied in January of 2013. My hearing is finally scheduled for December 19, 2013.

Financial Hardship

Having no income for almost a year has been a real struggle with regards to my home. I have a second mortgage only on my house; the primary is paid off.

I actually owe about $12,000 on the second mortgage. I offered US Bank a settlement amount of $1,200 and they refused it saying they need a minimum of $3,600. They actually started foreclosure efforts today.

I also owe about $1,500 in real estate taxes by the end of December 2013. I owe the IRS $5200 for unpaid 2011 income tax.

Thankfully my healthcare is covered as of October 15, 2013 by UPMC. It includes my Parkinson's and diabetes meds, which total about $1,000 per month.

I have been taking a vitamin formula for my neuropathy for about two weeks and it seems to be helping. It costs about $80 a month and is not covered by insurance.

Income Efforts

As far as income goes, I actually had a side business of embroidery, which my niece and I did from my house. I was forced to close that business due to my health.

My half of the money from the sale of the equipment is now gone. I have been attempting to sell some items on eBay and I have sold my guns, as well.

I have been trying to establish an Internet business, but have not made any money yet and have spent about $800.

My mom and dad have loaned me over $3,500 and my daughter loaned me $1,200.

I was denied Social Security Disability and have a hearing scheduled for December 19, 2013, which my attorney and I will definitely be attending.

Specific Needs

I would like grant money to pay the IRS the $5,200 I owe them and the $3,600 to US Bank to pay off my house.

It would also be a great help if I could pay off my property taxes and my parents and daughter.

So all told $15,000 in grant money would get me a fresh start. Hopefully I receive the Social Security Disability I seek, because unfortunately I do not see my physical impairments allowing me to re-enter the workforce.

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Nov 11, 2013
Keep up the fight.
by: Ken

Hi Lance,

It gets tougher after 50. The machine just isn't as good as it was before. I have neuropathy too. I take 1800 mg of Gabapentin a day. It works okay, but sometimes because of the arthritis in my hip, I get some Demerol from the doctor. The mix of the two work wonders for me. I am searching for something that might be able to help you. Try this:



This is all I can do for you at the moment. Your lawyer, if successful, should be able to get you your past due amount owed to you. I hope they are not going to hit you with more than 25 percent. If they are find, another one!


Nov 10, 2013
Do it right
by: George

I have diabetes and several herniated discs as well. I have a heart condition and they will not operate on deteriorating spine and disc disease.

You go to the hearing and you will get it. Businesses on the internet are scams. Don't waste your money and time. Go to your library and get a book titled "Grants for Dummies" that will help get you back on your feet.

As for your house, by law they have to work with you giving you up to a year to get back on your feet. Seek out a real estate lawyer. He will sue them and get a settlement and you a lower payment. New Obama law. Read your bible get in a good church. God bless and remember, God has your back.

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