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Disability Grant Money To Help Rid Man of Chronic Disc Related Pain

by Peter Durham
(Chehalis, Washington, USA)

My name is Pete. I am a 35-year-old male. I have two sons and a daughter. The youngest, Silas, is nine months and he lives with me.

I have a high school diploma, but regrettably never attended college long enough to receive a degree. I have made a series of terrible choices throughout my life beginning in my teen years that have led me misery.

I started my first job when I was 12 years old, working on a chicken farm and continued to work labor-intensive farm and production work into my twenties.

I then tried my hand with limited success at sales, while supplementing my income from time to time with day labor work.

I was raised in an alcohol and drug riddled dysfunctional lower middle class family in a small town near where I live now.

I love my children and want to be able to provide them with the life I never had, but I don't have the physical abilities, skills or education to do so.

Disability Issues

I suffer from degenerative disc disease in my neck and back, along with arthritis of the spine and one disc in my neck, which at last check, was bulging over 12 mm!

I have severe chronic pain that keeps me from working, sleeping and makes me very irritable.

The actual cause is unknown, however my father and uncle both suffer from the same ailment, leading me to believe it is hereditary. Both of them have had back surgery, my father has had several, including fusing several vertebrae.

Starting in high school, I had constant pain in between my shoulder blades, which I tried to correct using chiropractors, to no avail.

I have constant chronic pain starting just below the base of my skull, traveling down between my shoulder blades, down my spine to the bottom of my rib cage and down my right shoulder and arm clear to my finger tips due to the narrowing of my foraminal channels where the nerve bundles pass through my spine.

I have very little strength in my right arm, constant tremors and poor coordination as a result.

I have been deemed disabled by Social Security and receive a very small monthly disability checks.

Financial Hardship

In January of 2012 I was unemployed and after suffering for nearly 20 years, I decided enough was enough. I wanted to see what my options were.

I saw a few doctors and was advised to apply for disability since I had no medical coverage. It was very difficult to even get a doctor to see me since I had no income.

I applied for disability that same month and won my case on my first try, by myself and received my first check in March.

I assumed, that I would also continue receiving medical benefits from the state and would be able to continue to seek medical help and pain relief so that one day I may return to work.

The month I received my first check, I received a letter from the state saying I no longer qualified for Medicaid or food assistance due to my income (a whopping $1197 per month).

I rent a room, the cheapest habitable, safe place I can find for $400 per month plus utilities, which average about $200 per month.

My medication costs $320 per month, my car insurance is $100 per month and I still need food, clothes and toiletries.

My basic needs outweigh my income, so I have to choose between eating and medicine. I choose to eat, so I currently take no pain medication.

My only vehicle is in need of repair and I cannot afford to fix it. Every day is a constant struggle to keep my head above water.

If I ever want to work again, I will require back surgery, however, without medical coverage, I can't even get an appointment with a specialist.

I do not qualify for Medicare (if it still exists at that time) until February of 2014, but even at that point there is no guarantee they will choose to pay for the surgery.

Income Efforts

I worked through the pain for nearly 20 years and was gainfully employed for the majority of my life since I was 12 years old.

I applied for and was awarded disability in March of 2012, and received back pay to January 2012.

I live in a very poor community with very few social programs to help. I come from a mostly poor family, and the relatives that could help me won't.

I have begged, borrowed and pleaded for help from everyone I know.

Specific Needs

I certainly don't want sympathy. However, I need some type of medical benefits to pay for medications, or even better arrange and pay for surgery so I can return to work.

I would be eternally grateful for a grant to go to school or get some type of vocational training, to fix my car or get reliable transportation, a home to house my family...

Any help at all, regardless of the amount would be a huge relief.

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Jan 27, 2013
Wishy Washy Washington
by: Ken

Hi Peter,

Sorry to hear of your situation. Even people who are working are struggling. It is a employer's market, for sure. Where normal wages would be $12, people to do the same job for $7 per hour. It is hurting everyone, including the State itself. Have you looked at this site:


They don't have grants, but they have a lot of information that may be of some use to you. You could also talk to an lawyer about your SSDI, if you feel that you are not being treated fairly. Sometimes outreaching people that are in the same situation as you in the same county can be helpful. They may be able to give you some good advice, or at least you could share what knowledge you have and your experiences with the government.

Best wishes,

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