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Disability Grant Money To Help Seizure Disabled Man Rebuild Country Store

by Robert Brammeier
(Woodstown, NJ, USA)

I'm a 26-year-old male with no kids or wife. I have no military or job history. I'm part Native American, Irish, English, Scottish and German.

I'm currently in college studying how to work for myself.

I'm also looking to become a firefighter/EMT, however those studies will be after I start my own business.

Disability Issues

I suffer from seizures. My family and I still have no idea where in the family genes seizures started. For me they started at the age of 12.

Being different in any way can mess with the rest of your life, if you let it. I never let the fact that I have seizures slow me down or even change the way I look at life.

In 2005 I underwent three different brain operations to stop the seizures. In the first, the brain was cut down the center to a certain point. As well, a spot (1cm by 1cm) was removed.

The operations were done in January 2005. The 2nd operation was to remove infected bone and tissue before the infection reached the brain.

The 3rd and last operation removed another spot (1cm by 1cm) and replaced the missing bone between my brain and the outside world.

After the last operation, the doctors told my parents and me that there was not a whole lot more that they could do because my brain has more than one spot of seizure activity.

Since 2010 I have been seizure free; however, my doctor still has it in her file that I still have active seizures.

Financial Hardship

My financial hardship is that I have little to no money other than SSI, no car and no job.

I have some help from the state of NJ with college and my meds as well as any other form of help that I can get.

I have never held a real job, and until now I have never driven a car. I always had to rely on someone in the family or the county bussing service to go anywhere.

I have a working dog named Cyber. Other than being man's best friend, Cyber can tell me about 17 minutes before I'm about to have a seizure.

Cyber is with me 24/7 no matter where I go. Cyber is my 2nd seizure alert dog.

My 1st dog, Oreo had gone through high school with me as well as all of my operations. Although she never went into the OR, she was by my side just as Cyber does now.

Income Efforts

I have made some attempts at getting a job, but no one wants to hire a guy with seizures and a dog.

I do receive SSI; however, I feel that I'm better than sitting around all day doing nothing.

Other than SSI, I receive food stamps, health insurance and assistance with my meds. That is all I receive for a monthly income.

Specific Needs

What I'm looking for is as much help as I can get so that I start my own business in the backwoods of West Virginia by buying an old store/house and revamping it.

I'm looking to get as much as I can get. I need to buy the building, fix the store to the WV building codes along with passing the WV health codes, and then I need to buy start up stock.

Then I will need to move on to the apartment as well as the outside of the entire building, all as I'm running the store.

Business Idea

The main reason for the funding is to buy and reopen the general store/house in the small town of Levels WV.

I will most likely need to buy some new or rebuilt soda coolers, some shelves as well as updating most of the store.

I will also need to buy some start-up stock so that the store will hit the ground running and I will be able to expand my marketing as the store grows within the town.

One of the add-ons would be a deli. Another would be to have more things geared toward campers and hunters. The last thing I would do is rework and rebuild the outside of the store.

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Jan 08, 2013
Thank you!
by: Bob (robert)


Thank you for this info. I will be on the web site asap. Thank you, thank you, and thank you again.

Jan 06, 2013
Check Out All Options
by: Claudy


It sounds like you are getting help in a few different ways but you should make sure you are receiving all the help you can receive from the government. There are over a thousand agencies, services and grants offered for disabled people like us but knowing where to go and who to ask is the key.

Go online to a website called benefits.gov and you will find there is a survey of questions. It is fairly long but asks very simple questions like your age, income, where you live, race and so on. Follow the instructions and take the survey.

Once you answer all the questions the computer will make a list of all help you may qualify for from all the different places that can help you. It will probably be a long list with the address and how to contact to apply for the different services, programs and grants. You will need to print out the list or you can email the list back to yourself so you have it to go through. There will be a lot of information and it will take some time to contact and apply for everything. This is important... your list is erased after you leave the site so be prepared to print or email the list so you have it and don't have to go back and start all over again.

If you are able to get help in opening a store it will be in the list provided. The list is special for you and your needs and will be different than all others!

I'm sure you will notice all kinds of help you never knew you could get. You will see help for problems you didn't even mention but could benefit from. There may be help to pay your utility bills for example. There may be help for more free education or housing or a large variety of help you did not know existed. It will be the big picture of all there is for you.

Just recently, benefits.gov added a video link you can click on to watch a video that will explain and help you with website. If you think you'll need help you can always go to your local library and tell them you're disabled and they will help you. So here are the links:

The benefits.gov Benefit Finder:

The benefits.gov Benefit Finder video tutorial:

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