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Disability Grant Money To Help Single Mom Care for Accident Disabled Son

by Ruth Emswiler
(Broadway, Virginia, USA)

I am writing this story for my son. I have three grown children. My son lives with me. My daughter, son-in-law and two grandchildren live next door to me.

I am a 59-year-old single mom who works four part-time jobs. I am a school bus driver for our county's elementary school and I drive for James Madison University.

I also drive to Arkansas on weekends when needed for Kingmor Supply, Inc. and I bring new school buses in for the state of Virginia. My fourth job is as a field representative for the U.S. Census Bureau.

Disability Issues

My son is handicapped because of a motorcycle accident on June 2, 2002. He was in the University of Virginia Medical Center for five weeks. We then brought him home and cared for him while he was in a coma for five months.

We suctioned his tracheal tube, fed him through his stomach tube, changed his catheters and turned him so he didn't get bedsores. He finally woke up in October 2002.

He has no short-term memory and is very slow to react on the left side. He is in a wheelchair. He needs help with bathing, going to the bathroom, getting his food ready, and nearly every aspect of daily life.

My son goes to daycare five days a week and is here with me on the weekend. He is picked up every morning at 9:00am and brought home at about 5:00pm. This gives him a chance to mingle with others and it gives me some sanity.

Financial Hardship

While my son was in a coma, I took a couple days off work each week to care for him. I got behind on my mortgage. I struggled to get caught up but just couldn't.

I was instructed by my lawyer to file bankruptcy to stay the sale of my home. That didn't help and my home was sold on July 10, 2009.

I have lived here since 1978. Our first home burned down because of faulty flue in 1981. We rebuilt and in 1997 that home burned due to an extension cord the boys had in their basement bedroom. I was single by then.

I replaced the home with a doublewide trailer on a cement basement. Now I don't own it. I'm paying $1,000 a month for the house I have worked 30 years to pay for. The owners will sell it back to me, but I can't get a loan with the bankruptcy and foreclosure on my record.

I am so tired of worrying about money and how I am going to keep my son in this home. It has been modified to give him accessibility. We have ramps so he can get in and out.

I have paid the new owners $40,000 in the last four years and I have nothing to show for it. They say they are not making any money on the house, but will not put my payments toward a rent to buy.

I know there are other apartments available, but my daughter has seizures and is also on disability. She lives next door and she cannot be by herself because of her seizures.

Income Efforts

I tried to get a loan from the bank to pay off my bills and was denied. I got a call this evening that they want us out unless I come up with $5,000 quickly. I cannot get that money!

I work four jobs and make about $30,000 a year gross. My daughter helps me when she can, but it is not her place to take care of us. She has seizures and her own set of problems.

I have even thought about renting out a bedroom or two. I do not think my nerves can handle that right now.

Specific Needs

I need a grant or some way to get the money for my house. I also need to know if we can be evicted from the house since my son is handicapped. I guess I need all the help I can get!

I know I do not qualify for SSI because I make too much money. I'm ready to take a running leap off a high cliff! Please tell me some good news for a change!

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May 04, 2013
Broadsided in Broadway
by: Ken

Hi Ruth,

You may be able to get a rent to own home on this site:


I don't know what you have to make, but it might be worth a shot. I will try to look into more sites to help if I can. Sorry you are in such a tough position.


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