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Disability Grant Money Will Allow Heart Disorder Disabled Man To Survive

by Timothy
(Ashland, Alabama, USA)

I am 47 years old. I have COPD, congestive heart failure and pulmonary hypertension.

Disability Issues

I am trying to get on my Disability and that takes time. I cannot hold on to work. I have to be on oxygen all the time.

My legs and feet are badly swollen. I need emergency care and I don't have insurance to pay for treatment.

I can't find any help and my health is critical. I need emergency care.

I am supposed to see a cardiologist. They won't see me because I don't have money to pay for the treatments.

I can't walk because of swollen legs and cannot breath without oxygen. If I don't get treatment soon I'm not going to be around much longer. I can't walk very far.

If I don't find help soon, I'm not going to make it. Please take this into consideration.

Financial Hardship

I have no income and can't work. My sister helps with some things.

I am currently on food stamps.

I need special medication, but I can no longer pay for my meds. Doctors turn me down because I can't pay for the doctor's fee.

I'm in a very serious situation and no one can help me. I am miserable.

My feet are cracking open because of my swollen feet.

Income Efforts

I don't like to ask for help from anyone and I have no help except my sister. She helps, but she can't pay for my medical bills and buy the meds I need.

My wife can't work, because I can't be left alone.

I applied for Disability. I have all the medical records to prove my conditions and Social Security still turned me down. I have appealed the case, but it's going to take some time before I can get it.

If I have to wait, I won't be around. So please help me if possible.

Specific Needs

I need to see a cardiologist to treat my heart condition. I can't afford to pay my pulmonary doctor anymore. I am behind on my oxygen rent.

I am in critical shape. I am not able to do anything at all. I have to sit all the time. I can't get out of the house for anything. My legs are so swollen.

I don't have any grants. I have never applied for one. I owe thousands of dollars for medical expenses. I don't know what else to do.

My wife is on meds for depression and for bad nerves. She has high blood pressure. Her sister helps her pay for her meds. They're not expensive.

Thank you if you can assist me.

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May 13, 2015
Crisis Over?
by: SheilaKay Paris

Hi Timothy,

I am hoping by now, it must be three years or so, since your story was printed, that you are out of crisis mode. That is no fun at all. Claudy gave good advice, just go to the ER until you can get plugged into the right kind of help for you.

Usually a social worker will come in and direct you to the right resources.

If things have settled down enough, go to this link when you have time:

Disability Digest

This is Disability Digest, run by a friend and associate of Don's, who also offers free help to get you back on your feet as the saying goes. I know you were having swelling problems of your legs, but I think you know what I mean.

If you sign up (free like I said) at the bottom, it will take you to sites that will help you. If you have any problems, write to me ands I will help you myself. When you respond here it notifies me.

God bless and take care,


Dec 18, 2012
Don't Give Up
by: Claudy

You need to contact your US Senators. Their staff can make the process somewhat faster. Plus the Administrative Law Judge will see that you've got both Senators advocating for you. It helps speed it up. Tell them you are dying and do not have time for the usual run around. Sir, they turn everyone down the first time. I don't know anyone who has ever gotten it the first time. Most receive their disability on the third appeal. Lawyers want you to have at least one denial before they will take your case. Call your Senators and Congressional Leader. The more the merrier. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

There is some kind of poor people's insurance to pay for you -- federal, state, county or city. I'm sure there must be help that you just aren't aware of yet.

Go to benefits.gov and take the statistical survey. You'll get a computerized list of all the government help you qualify for. You will be surprised to find out there is a lot more than you realized -- a whole lot more! The list is complete with addresses and contact information. It will be your lucky day. Benefits.gov just added a video link to view if you need help but you will find it is simple enough.

Finally Sir let me tell you a little something a very wise doctor told me and that is you go to the emergency room every day until they treat you. Go by ambulance so you can lie down and not wait in the waiting room. That's the law. The emergency room has to treat you by law. So go every day till they figure something out. It's your life at stake after all. Watch how quick they find you treatment.

Call your representatives, then go to benefits.gov, then take the ambulance.

I am wishing for your luck to change to greatness real soon.

Take care.

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