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Disability Grant Money Will Help Accident Disabled Man Live Independently

by Rob
(Roseville, CA, USA)

I am a 43-year-old white male with one son 18. He's a great kid that lives with his mother in Elk Grove, CA.

In my teens I discovered that I was mechanically inclined and never had a problem finding work. I started in the building trades after I was done with paper routes.

I learned to build homes from the ground up within a four-year period and made pretty good money. I was in this industry for about seven years.

Then I transferred to a steel company where my job was to rig chains for a 25-ton indoor crane along with a bunch more responsibilities.

It was then that I started making my interest known at the local fire department. I was told I had no chance unless I went back and changed all my school classes.

I quit my job first and informed the captain that I would be around until I was hired or removed. I was not only hired in about a month but I was also paid by the state and I was at the top of my class.

My career with Cal-Fire was going as well as expected. I was taking every course available to help promote. I was at a station that had an elderly community that kept us busy all night and I was happy. I needed the experience.

While I was off duty riding on my ATV with my family, I ran my foot over climbing a hill and yanked the meniscus and tore my ankle.

I was out for 18 months and decided to take on the electrical field, as I had a friend who was willing to train me and pay me also.

There were about 7-10 employees at a steady count. I had picked up the concept of electric and excelled after that.

Within six months I had become the crewmen's foreman or boss, and I wasn't very popular after that. I worked for this company for two years when the owner shut this store after two years and I began to put my own company together.

I have had a pretty undramatic life up till this point. I hadn't had any relatives pass away. I haven't been hurt in a life-threatening manner.

I sold my Harley that I built from scratch on eBay and used the money to put together a company van, tools, and stayed busy for a month advertising and organizing a work truck so this company was a success other than me and my step father not getting along after the first year.

We were licensed, bonded, insured, in good standing with the better business bureau and A-rated on Angie's List.

This company made it five years and was fully rooted in the community with steady repeat customers and plenty of new ones. The arrangement deteriorated and I finally quit at the beginning of the year 2012.

Disability Issues

I established a work history and was always employed since I was 15. I had some type of income just to establish I've always worked and have never asked for help and am in dire straits to beg for help.

Well at the time I quit from the family electrical business, we were really slow and I was down from a 2500-square-foot home on three acres to a 10x10 room in a private dwelling.

Once I moved into this place I started to see a lot of neglect and dangerous situations that could have never passed any inspection process.

One afternoon I went to the store to get some grocery items. It was a regular day except it had started raining for the first time to kick off winter.

I headed down the stairs to the basement where I rented a room and had traveled many other times. I lost my footing and landed hard at the bottom in an awkward fall.

After trying to ice and wrap and take care of myself for two days I called 911. Within four hours of being admitted I was in surgery getting my right leg amputated above the knee. I came close to losing the left from blood clots in both legs.

My kidneys and liver had shut down and I was told I might die. I was so upset from this horrific event that I went into atrial fibrillation and stayed at a irregular heart beat for three days.

My official condition is above-the-knee amputee along with some other problem extremities.

I had no money saved and had absolutely had no place to live or to go to from the hospital. The helpless feeling that had washed over me was with me for good.

I just was beyond myself. I could not believe that it had come to this, that I could no longer take care of myself and that my life was changed forever.

I was angry that the house repairs were never done. When I moved in, it had been cleaned and patched up for a few weeks but after that there were no handrails or lighting in the stairways.

There was actually someone falling to the bottom of one of the stairs once a week. I asked if handrails could be installed and was blown off, even though the property owner was also a contractor.

Financial Hardship

I stayed in the intensive care unit for 15 days and had no idea where I was going or what I would do. I was confused and heartbroken.

I was just making it from check to check beforehand and didn't have any money saved or assets to sell or a place to live.

Besides all my immediate problems I was in a pain management nightmare. They were jabbing needles in me the entire stay there every half hour day and night

I didn't eat or drink for seven or more days and was never given any time to sleep or rest. I was rushed to surgery a few times to remove blood clots. I was in hell on earth I thought and I was positive my life was over.

During the end of my stay my friend told me he was taking me home with him to his family and that they would take care of me. I went home with them and the ride was the worst.

My stump was so sensitive that if a cover touched it I would be folded in pain. During my stay I was in bed for two months before I was able to take the vibration of moving around.

I was broke and not employable. I could not take care of myself or keep my things in order. It was very difficult living here but thought it could be worse.

I applied for food stamps and got $200 and cash aid $170. I also applied for disability but turned it in less than two weeks ago.

Nothing was easy with this injury. I fell twice on the stitches and broke them open and bled both times for hours. My leg got fully infected twice and I thought it would never heal.

After five months the owner of the property wanted me to move as having an extra person could fill the septic tank and overflow it.

Here I was again missing my leg, unemployable, and soon to be homeless or in my car. I stalled for a few weeks but couldn't come up with a plan and had made up my mind I would go and stand at the shelter for now.

So the day I packed I got a call from a lady that wanted me to come to her home and stay in the spare room till I could take care of myself. I moved in with her and was then receiving disability of $860 and close to getting a leg.

Income Efforts

I was finally getting an income but it was not and is not enough, but I am very grateful. I pay $500 for my own room and bathroom and garage space.

I soon after received a leg and discovered that I was given the cheapest and consistent with a company that didn't have the resources to care or just passed this on to pacify me for now.

From this experience I had become very depressed and felt defeated. I had to stand in line and fight for insurance that is sub par at best and feel like the level of care I received was not suited for my medical problems. I jumped through the hoops for the first six months to have coverage.

Specific Needs

I am now expected to find another place to live so my landlord can bring her father home and care for him.

I was given a leg that will not allow me to do any work that I'm capable of. The model I was given is only for flat, clean surfaces and its design is for moving slow and not made to be worn for any type of climbing, running or moving around in a productive manner.

I cannot express how much physical and mental pain I have endured since this has happened. I am not asking for a handout but I don't see how I will succeed without some help.

I feel like I am fortunate to be able to have indigent insurance but at the same time I will not benefit from this leg. It is a swing type knee and if I want to lock the knee I would need to drop the heel and to unlock it and drag the toe.

What I'm asking for is a prosthetic that will give me back my independence. I would be able to walk again, enjoy my hobbies, be capable of getting work and live a normal life.

I would ask that I be considered for a cash grant so I can get a fresh start and find a place to live that is wheelchair friendly.

I would also be interested in starting another business. I would never go into a partnership ever again especially with family.

I really do not know what combination of help I need but I know that the resources I have are not even close to what I need to have a normal life and a fair chance to succeed.

I have been on the verge of homelessness since this accident and have scraped to get any cash I could along the way. My disability is not enough and is temporary. It will terminate in two and a half years and after that I better have it together.

Business Idea

I would be interested in starting a fabrication shop for welding, restorations, repairs, engine overhaul, new and old car tune up and overhaul. I would be building motorcycles, and other gas powered hobbies.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my story. I am worth the investment and have proven that I can run a business successfully. Thank you for your consideration.

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Dec 25, 2012
There Is Help
by: Claudy


There is a huge variety of help agencies, programs and grants specific to your needs! You just need to know how to find it. Your in luck because there is a website for all your government needs.

Benefits.gov is a great resource. The way it works is you take a long statistical survey and a computerized list is generated of all the help you qualify for. It contains addresses and contact information and will include federal, state and local agencies, programs and grants. You will be amazed a just how much you didn't know was out there for you. Benefits.gov just included a video link to explain it all to you but I am sure you won't have any problem.

You can print the list or email it to yourself because there is a lot to go through and you are going to be busy accessing all there is. I'm sure you are going to be excited about all the prospects and you will receive a lot of help.

Your problem with the prosthetic sounds like just a little more bad luck but I have a friend that had the same exact problem as you did with his. What's up with that?

And I'm sure you know about speaking with an attorney about the stairs. In fact I think you have free access to attorneys with your disability. They can direct you. I think they won't take action for money damages but they do know who will. Just in case you actually have some rights. Worth looming into.

I wish for a mountain of luck to come your way real soon. I just know it is. Take care and bye for now...

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