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Disability Grant Money Will Relieve Pain For Depressed And Arthritic Man

by Christopher Marino
(Redford, MI, USA)

I am a 50-year-old disabled man, living with his son and daughter-in-law, and their three young children.

I am grateful for my family's help but I need to be able to live independently.

I realize the strain I add to my family's daily life, even though I contribute to their needs through paying rent, providing babysitting and helping around the house.

After all, everyone must do what they can for the good of all.

Disability Issues

I have a long list of medical problems, which includes arthritis in my feet, knees, hips and back.

I was born with clubbed feet, which led to the arthritis due to surgeries as a child.

I cannot stand for long periods of time, nor walk great distances. The arthritis in my back and neck has led to herniated disks. This has limited the strength in and motion of my arms.

Additionally I suffer from debilitating bouts of manic depression, and cognitive problems, which prevent me from continuing my education.

Although I believe I am intelligent I cannot keep up with the pressures of college classes, which makes my depression even worse.

Financial Hardship

My only income is from SSI, which is very little although I am grateful I receive it.

My son and daughter-in-law make very little money.

This means I have to pay something like 3/4 of what I receive in SSI to help cover the rent and utilities.
This leaves nothing to allow me to save any money, nor make payments on a car.

As a matter of fact, my cell phone has been disconnected because I couldn't afford to pay this month's bill.

I am desperate to find some kind of part-time work that would provide additional income so I could eventually find a place of my own.

Unfortunately my physical limitations sometimes make it impossible to walk to the area bus stop to use public transportation so that I can find work near where I live.

I believe I might develop a better range of motion and experience less pain if I could enroll in a Yoga class or work out in the swimming pool at the YMCA, but I can not physically get there since there are no buses to run there.

Income Efforts

To date, my only income has been $560 a month from SSI, Medicaid and food stamps.

If it wasn't for the generosity of my son, I would be homeless.

I have been trying to find a work-from-home opportunity but I don't have a telephone.

I have been looking for assistance through local and federal grants, loans and work programs.

Specific Needs

I need to find a way to reduce the agony of my physical problems. I don't want to be strung-out on painkillers and I can't continue being wracked by the pain of arthritis and pinched nerves.

My situation is tough but I think I can find relief from the physical pain of my disability if I could participate in the programs that the local YMCA offers.

In order to get TO the "Y" I need a reliable vehicle - the buses don't run near there and it too far away to walk.

I believe that yoga and pool aerobics can reduce the pain and inflation I suffer from.

If I could improve the range of motion in my arms and had reliable transportation, perhaps I could work for a local grocery store and help stock shelves at night.

Although I deeply appreciate the assistance I am seeing from both the state and my family, I need to literally get back on my own two feet.

I think the first step is having reliable transportation.

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