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Disability Grant Or Loan To Help Polio Disabled Peter Build Pig Farming Business

by Peter Nganga
(Nairobi, Rift Valley, Kenya)

I am a 38-year-old father, married to a beautiful wife called Beth. We are blessed with two daughters and a son: Lucy 16, Victor 10 and Beatrice 4.

Disability Issues

I was born free from any illness but later I developed smallpox, which was not taken seriously by my parents. It persisted until I was admitted to hospital.

Later it was discovered I was suffering from polio because my left limb was not responding to any stimuli.

I could not stand or walk; I had to crawl.

I had four orthopedic surgeries that cost a lot of money. The surgeries didn't materialize. There was not much help.

My parents thought it wise to take me out of hospital to avoid the increasing hospital bill, so I was taken home.

Financial Hardship

I am working as a teacher but I earn very littleā€¦ $2 in a day. This amount of money cannot sustain a family keeping in mind that I have a 16-year-old daughter who is in form three.

At home we decided to have two meals in a day. We cannot afford three meals a day. I do pay the rent most of the time and at times I do fail to pay, I ask my wife to look for jobs, like washing cloths for people so that she can supplement my salary.

I have got a small project of pigs and chicken farming which is not doing well because of lack of funds for buying feed.
Help To Improve Pig Farming Business
Help To Improve Pig Farming Business

In terms of transport to go to work I normally go on foot a distance of five km from home to the place of work daily. I normally walk by help of a walking stick, which I have to look for myself for support since I can't afford the right equipment.

Income Efforts

In fact I have attempted to look for good jobs, but since I am disabled no one is interested to employ disabled person; they go for the right one.

I have also tried donation but none has been successful.

The only thing I see to help me is that project that I am developing.

Specific Needs

I will be much helped with grants, a vehicle for the disabled person or a loan for project.

The grants will help me to advance my project. In case of a loan, I will use it to create a better structure for the pigs and chickens. Also I will be able to buy more pigs and feed them well, so that I can get good money to pay back the loan.

Business Idea

My greatest dream and inspiration is when I will be able to have a well-paying job from my farming project that I have started.

If I am financed I have good business idea and I have got the passion for it. I will start with a few pigs, say ten females. I will take care of it until they give birth and average 10 piglets each making a total of hundred piglets.

If I happen to sell at $30 I will get $3000. This is good money. I will go on expanding my project until I will be producing 1000 piglet.

If the project goes well, I will also help other disabled person in my area and start a group project where everyone will benefit from the group.

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Nov 02, 2015
Thank You!
by: Peter

Thank very much for your good initiative for having brought this program of assisting the less privilege. I am looking forward to your support. Thank you very much. May The Lord continue doing good for you.


Nov 02, 2015
Congrats on getting your story done!
by: Don from Ability Mission

Hello Peter,

Now with your story published you can get the Workbook, which shows you how to get the help you need.

Don Coggan

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