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Disability Grant To Help Accident Disabled Hardworking Man Monetize Land

by Brian Millett
(Rainier, WA, USA)

I am 52 years of age I have raised three children. I am a property owner in the United States and have been so for 33 years.

I was raised as a hardworking family man. I have been married to my wife for 33 years. I have three grandchildren one of which is my grandson who has issues with autism.

I accept the responsibility of caring for the needs of my family and also my own. I own and care for five acres of land with my home on it.

Being disabled, it is nearly impossible for me to continue to care for the property physically and financially.

Disability Issues

I have been permanently disabled since 1983. I was in a car accident, as a passenger. I spent close to a year in three different hospitals.

First I got gangrene in my small intestines after surgery instead of 20 feet of intestines I had eight inches this turned into to what they call me being a TPN (Total Parenteral Nutrition) patient.

I was told then that I would spend the rest of my life connected to a machine called IMED Infusion that feeds me intravenously.

I went ahead with my life in spite of also having a broken back. I had an L1 compression fracture. A vertebra was smashed in the front and shoved out of the back, which left a large bump on my back.

At this point, due to severe intestinal damage and complications, the back surgery had to be postponed for approximately one year.

The surgery consisted of two parts. One was to install Harrington rods, which run the length of the spine top to bottom for support. The second was a bone fusion from the inside to support cutting off the bump, which was a vertebra.

You might think I would stop here... not yet. My right leg, hip and pelvis were broken. The remedy was a steel rod in my right femur and one through the hip.

I have had my spleen and gallbladder removed.

The intravenous feeding was 24 hours a day, seven days a week supposedly forever. With only eight inches of intestines, you can't survive on eating solid food.

The accident was in 1983. I was able in 1989 to start eating solid food. The doctor had no hope that it would work. To my benefit it did. It hasn't been easy, but I have somewhat moved past that.

At the time of my accident I had one child. I have since raised three and have happily inspired all of them. They are strong and stable, drug-free and alcohol-free, and strong in their faith.

My latest struggle that is really giving me grief is a sciatic nerve that's possibly being smashed by a bone that possibly can be removed.

This one has really taken its toll on me. The pain is unbearable but on I go. I will not let it stop me.

Financial Hardship

The roof on my house is missing approximately 25 shingles, not to mention the tarp that I have on the ridge.

I have a 200 ft deep well that has problems that are way out of my reach physically and financially to repair.

I am currently approximately $7,000 behind on my property, which is all in late fees. I'm approximately one month behind in my current payment status.

I own a 1993 Chevy blazer with 400,000 miles on it. A household light switch controls the heater in my car. The fan switch in the car burned out and the household switch was stronger. What can I say? It works.

Back to the condition of the house… it's wood heat only. This creates a very big problem physically, mentally and financially, but as the provider there's nothing I can do about it.

Medical debt has followed me for 30 years. It's been a struggle to stay ahead of it. I have not always been able to.

There are also things that could make my life more comfortable, such as spas and different therapy devices that I just can't afford to look at.

I have always been a hardworking person before and after my accident. My property I own is five acres. It has the potential for mini-storage with very low maintenance and a good income.

I just don't have the financial backing to do it.

Income Efforts

In the years since my accident I have made numerous attempts to earn income.

One would be going back to work for a company called Forbusco Lumber Company where I held numerous job titles, from counter help to customer service, which I was very good at.

It was mostly my legs and back that could not hold up to the task. Also, when you only have eight inches of intestines, you're faced with another problem you weren't ready for… staying out of the rest room.

Well I didn't let that stop me. I moved from counter help to customer service to truck driver, which was somewhat a sitting job. I did it very well but once again it took its toll on me physically.

I was forced to retire from that.

I attempted to go to school. It was very demanding for me. I had some insurance money to pay specifically for school.

I invested the sum of $8,000 from my insurance only to have the school file bankruptcy right out from under me. The school was BCTI (Business Computer Technical Institute).

I have received SSA disability since 1983. I bought my first house while still on intravenous feeding. It was quite the sight to see a man hooked to a machine and the people around were quite impressed. But it wasn't easy.

I sold that house and bought another and did it again and again

I have no credit due mostly to medical issues. I haven't let that stop me. I have Medicare. It helps at times.

I've had Medicaid also but usually get disqualified due to SSA being too high by one dollar.

I'm not the best at depending on others as in friends and family. I would rather be a inspiration than a dependent. Don't get me wrong. I now need some help.

Specific Needs

I want the chance to make the next step in my life. My property is five acres and it has the potential for a mini-storage business with low maintenance and good income potential.

Grants to accomplish the hurdles with a limited income would be the greatest thing.

I can't see myself giving up at this point in my life. I've came a long way and crossed many hurdles. All I am hoping for is something real. I type with one finger so you can probably imagine getting through even this part.

I look forward to a positive response and thank you for reading.

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