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Disability Grant To Help Accident Disabled Man Monetize Patented Invention

by Joshua Bischoff
(Jackson, Michigan, USA)

Hello. My name is Joshua Bischoff. My wife's name is Linda. We have seven children, 15 grand children and nine great-grandchildren.

We live in the great state of Michigan, where the weather is subject to change at any given moment. I'm 71 years young and my wife ah lets just say she is five years younger than myself; it's safer.

Disability Issues

I have worked in the construction industry most all my life. Later I worked in construction management.

In 1997 I had an industrial accident, I breathed bad chemical fumes that burned my voice box and my natural trachea.

I now have a permanent trachea tube. The doctor said that I would not be able to talk! He was wrong! I CAN talk.

I am blessed! I wanted to go back to work, but no one would hire me.

Financial Hardship

I did receive workers compensation for 11 months then they stopped payments. I was forced to sue them. That process lasted three years.

I used up most of our savings. We were forced to accept their offer or battle it out for another unknown time period.

Later we found out that our attorney sold us out.

I was not supposed to have wait in line on the court docket to get a court date, because I was already receiving workers compensation payments.

Income Efforts

I am not a lazy person. I have to be busy. After the accident I tried to get back to work. Even people that knew me would not hire me. Most were afraid of the liability.

I did borrow $5000 from our church.

After I was able to work, I did pick up little jobs, repair work nothing that could sustain us like a regular job.

Specific Needs

It would be great to receive a grant to purchase a few acres and a home. We could have a garden to grow our own vegetables and a place to call home.

I have tried to apply for a grant before. I was never very successful. Most sites were just scams.

Business Idea

I have developed a new medical device. I have prototypes and my patent (http://www.google.com/patents/US20050005941).

I have my business plan. I have all my vendors, manufacturers, testing, sales, distributors and marketing at the ready.

A government grant in the amount of $700,000 will be used as startup capital. A profit will be seen in the second year.

I have been to trade shows, and hospitals, with great reviews. They cannot wait until we start manufacturing.

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