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Disability Grant To Help ADD And Dyslexia Disabled Man With Legal Issues

by Stephen Bowman
(Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA)

I am a 60-year-old native of New Mexico born in an area that was one of the earliest settled locations in all of the United States.

It is a geographic area with a rich history and blend of cultures. I am extremely proud of it and the unique way it shaped what I am.

Growing up in this environment gave me thirst for knowledge and understanding, and a love for the native life here that is very rapidly disappearing.

Disability Issues

Fifty-six years ago when I started school I was blessed with parents that sacrificed to give me an early start with a great teacher and mentor.

Knowing only that I was very different, they taught me all of the basic material that first and second graders needed to learn.

Because of this, and that I was ADD and Dyslexic, teachers thought I deliberately destroyed their whole way of running a small town school.

They were totally unable to understand my mental state. This helped push me to the very edge having gone though most of school labeled negative.

I was blessed with enough mentors to end high school failing almost half of my classes and passing the rest with a 2.0 grade point average.

While friends went on to get doctorates or become journalists for national papers, I failed college and repeatedly pushed life to the limit.

I got physically hurt while I managed to work construction building scientific laboratories for some cutting-edge research and technology.

But doing this exposed me to many toxic things, which started physically destroying my body.

I now have to spend more time lying in bed with only my service dog Maggie May to help me live with the pain I live with trying to find ways of going on every day.

Financial Hardship

I was never good at managing finances and am so poorly able to cope with managing my life it has always seemed that if something bad were to happen, it would happen to me.

Once I cut my hand badly requiring emergency medical treatment in the middle of the worst winter storm. I returned home to find that it had been broken into and then burned to the ground by the local crack addicts.

This cost me almost everything (computers, tools, materials and worst of all, my personal library, which I had already started to donate to the village).

I have had to stop my physical and mental health from completely falling apart as it keeps sliding down.

I have not been able to afford to replace the items needed to keep me mentally and physically going. I fell terrible guilt for not taking care of Maggie my service dog the way I should.

I fear that I am taking years off her life. I could not think of what the loss of her would be but the final straw!

Income Efforts

While I have SSI and a small pension, it is not enough to cover my special needs physically or mentally.

It doesn't cover the extent of medical care I really need to get better and most of all, keep a relatively expensive service animal like Maggie.

With all of my family having moved across the country, and me being bedridden most of the time, I am isolated from my church activities and friends to the point where most days Maggie and I are very alone.

Without the technical equipment that my doctors and consultant tell me was my only chance, I have given up getting a good-paying job. I can't see myself earning even a fraction of what I used to.

Specific Needs

I truly need legal advice, support in dealing with records and paperwork and finances and to replace all of the household goods and the technical hardware and tools.

I need help with my ADD, Dyslexia and difficulties in writing at my level.

Business Idea

I worked around IT, computers, Internet information and all kinds of technology, but being able to do anything seems like a lost dream.

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