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Disability Grant To Help Big Man With Bad Back Get Walk In Shower And Chair

by Charles Schaffer
(Saint Clairsville, Ohio, USA)

I am 45, male, and living in the family home with my disabled and retired mother.

I have no children.

I was an automobile mechanic for many years.

I have lived in my current home since 1978. It's not much, but it's home.

Disability Issues

I am a large man with a few back problems.

I am on permanent disability.

I am missing the cartilage in three places between the disks in my spine. I also have bone spurs on my spine that pinch the nerves going to my arms and hands.

My lower legs, ankles and feet swell.

I also have knee and hip problems.

I have been a bigger man my whole life, and along with my size, my years as being a mechanic and lifting heavy things have caught up with me.

I was put on permanent disability in 1998.

Financial Hardship

I am on no medications. If I stay off of my feet, simple Aleve helps with my pain.

I have an automobile loan that I pay for.

I took it out so I would have a vehicle new enough to hopefully not need any repairs for a while.

The last couple of times that I did repairs myself, I was laid up with back, hip, neck, and feet pain for two to three days afterwards.

My home is a doublewide that was built in 1978. I took out a bank loan to install a new heat pump.

I receive an EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer) food card allowance each month, but the amount has been almost been cut in half this year.

The small amount I receive each month from SSI and disability just barely gets me by after paying my bills.

Income Efforts

I receive SSI and Social Security Disability.

My local church has no money for donations and no longer gives out food baskets.

I can find no grants in my small area.

Specific Needs

I only seek enough of a grant to buy and have a new large walk-in shower with a shower chair installed in my bathroom.

This would replace the old trailer-type narrow plastic bathtub/shower that is in my bathroom now.

It would make at least one part of my life easier.

It would also be nice to pay down my vehicle loan.

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