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Disability Grant To Help Bipolar Disorder Dad Build Woodworking Business

by James Carpenter
(Oscoda, MI, USA)

I am a 41-year-old man who has fathered a son and four girls. The three youngest are still of school age.

I strive to raise them well by leading by example. I also encourage them to set goals that fuel their passions and challenge their lives.

I enjoy the solitude and quietness of the woods but equally enjoy the sounds of my children's laughter.

I am currently celebrating almost six years of sobriety from alcoholism.

I believe that the beauty in life is not where you end up at the end of it but the experiences and memories you have gathered along the way.

Disability Issues

I was diagnosed with degenerative disk disease caused by strenuous work activities in the building industry.

I was also diagnosed with bipolar disorder and manic depression caused by environmental childhood trauma.

I am legally declared disabled and receive a small monthly social security check.

Financial Hardship

The money I am awarded monthly is insufficient to maintain the cost of living and travel expenses for my medical appointments.

Income Efforts

I was able to receive a small social security amount per month and have sold personal items to compensate money owed for the cost of living that went above what I have received in social security benefits.

I was unable to secure any formal or side employment due to the physical and mental limitations my doctor has placed on me.

Specific Needs

I seek to obtain either grants or benefits that would allow me to create a business that would not only create supplemental income to my household but also allow me to work a schedule that will accommodate my disabilities and also exercise my entrepreneurial spirit.

I am also trying to obtain funds that would cover the costs incurred by setting up my own herbal garden system up to assist in pain management.

Business Idea

I would like to create a woodworking business. This would allow me to set work hours that would be flexible to my disability and eliminate the shortfall of finances my inability to work structured employment has caused me.

I also live in an area that obtains most of its economic value from tourism. This would coincide well with selling my products created through my woodworking business.

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