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Disability Grant To Help Bipolar Disorder Disabled Native American Mom

by Katina Woodruff
(Newark, Ohio, USA)

My name is Katina, and I am writing this for a parent, my mom Linda Wells. She lives with a disability (bipolar disorder and more), very little income and little hope for a better life.

Since she has given so much to me, and to my three sons over the years, I wanted to help her receive a grant.

It would enable her to buy a much needed automobile, and help with funds to pay her phone bill, and maybe a little income to buy some clothes.

When I was quite young, I knew my mom was different. She didn't share her thoughts the way that others did. Sometimes, her emotions were hidden, and other times, they were exaggerated.

At the age of 10, after my father took me out of state to claim some much wanted visitation rights, she came for my brother and me. She had no car, and little income, and yet, she found the way to come five states, to pick us up.

I don't know what would have happened in my life had she not come for me. My father was a good man. He also had a lot more income than my mom. She had very little to offer, other than love.

We had a great falling out when I became pregnant at the age of fifteen. Not then, much later, after I chose to fly away, without looking back, only forward. I had this dream of making it on my own, without her, without anyone. I was young.

Then tragedy struck... I became addicted to narcotic medications and didn't know who I was for a long time.

After meeting a teacher, then becoming sober, I started to remember. I remembered so many events in my life that I never gave my beautiful mom credit for... like allowing me to take care of a child, when I was still a "child" myself. Or coming to get me after a seemingly innocent kidnapping. She always seemed to come and rescue me, and in turn, I would leave her again.

I'm 37 years of age, and I own a small business. I don't make any income at this particular time, to help my mom, who has always been there for me, my brother, and to anyone who had the pleasure in knowing her.

And, she needs support now, and today, that is why I'm writing this story. It's in hopes of getting her a grant, to obtain a used car and other things like: clothing and income to pay off some medical bills.

My mom is a Native American. She is a gardener with no way to garden. She is a parent whose child passed away at the age of 14 due to childhood leukemia, and a mother to one son: David, who was given up for adoption.

I continue to search for him, for her, and for me. She is a disabled American. She has COPD, asthma, and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

She is a wonderful person, deserving of assistance not because of her disability, but because of how much she has given, even while having a hard time living life herself.

She makes the time to give back. She makes the sacrifices that most parents only dream of making for their children, and she never complains of what she does not have, and yet, I know she prays every night for help.

I know this only because, when I've stayed with her, I hear.

I love you mom. You are the most incredible mother a daughter, or a son could possibly wish and hope for. No matter what I can offer, I'm reaching out, to try and help make your dreams come true.

Grant Amount: $10,000 or whatever can be received. I'm sure whatever is offered she could use. Whether used or not, my mom is a proud Native American Woman, who would never write for such a grant.

Even though she really needs this gift, it is a dream, one that I hope can become a reality. She is the most giving and supportive parent anyone could ask for.

When there was little food in my home growing up, she would pawn her wedding ring, or take a part-time job selling Avon, or anything to make sure we had everything we needed. Even if that meant a job that has affected her health, working in factories with asthma, when she knew she had no place to work there, but did it because she was determined to feed her children, and their children.

Thank you

Love Katina

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Dec 19, 2012
Use the Benefits Finder
by: Don from Ability-Mission.org

Hey Katina,

This is such a loving testimonial to your mother. I think many of us (and I definitely include myself) wish that we had "known" at a much earlier age how good our parents really were.

Your mother and maybe others in your family might qualify for a number of benefits. To find out, go to benefits.gov and answer a few questions.

Based on your answers, you get a computer-generated list of benefit programs that apply to you. The list has program descriptions and contact information so you can follow up.

The Benefits Finder is already easy to use and this video tutorial makes it even more so:


Good luck with it!

Don from Ability-Mission.org

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