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Disability Grant To Help Blood Disorder Disabled Single Dad Restore Heating

by Nich Gross
(Middletown, PA, USA)

I'm a male single parent in my 40s on disability with shared custody of two boys.

My gas has been turned off so we have to rely on portable heaters and a hotplate for heat, hot water to bathe with and cooking.

I recently made a trip to DC for the thanksgiving holidays and my truck broke down on the way back home.

Now because it's broken down I have no transportation to make it to doctor appointments for my kids and me or to take my kids back and forth where they need to go when needed.

Disability Issues

I was rushed to the hospital back in 2000 because I passed out a home and was unresponsive when a friend found me.

Once I was revived there I was told they didn't know what was wrong me. Then the doctors finally came in and told me that I have a blood disorder that will end terminally.

I had to spend almost a month in the hospital, but would not be able to return to work. I had to have more two blood transfusions.

This also results in me being on meds for the rest of my life.

I have days when I have just about no energy, but I push myself to do what I can for the sake of my sons with only what I get.

I'm going to be on disability for the rest of my life.

Financial Hardship

I live in low-income housing and can't work because of my condition. I don't get any other type of financial help other than a disability check once a month.

It's very hard to survive on less than $800 a month with two teenage boys!

I'm trying to do my best to do what lots of guys are avoiding doing.

I'm trying to do my part as a man by stepping up and raise my sons who are 14 and 16, which should say a lot about me as a father!

I'm doing whatever I can to the best of ability to be a good role model for them to follow as a man and a father with almost no help besides "God" himself and I'm very grateful when he does!

Income Efforts

I'm very grateful that I do receive SSI and SSDI once a month.

I receive $90 in food stamps and get food bank vouchers from churches when available.

Yet at this time it's not enough to when it comes to raising two young men the right way and not lose them to the hardship of the streets.

Specific Needs

I was told about this program from a friend and I'm praying and hoping to get some type of financial help as soon as possible with two things:

a) Getting my gas turned back on before it gets too cold. The bill is $2300.

b) Fixing my truck that's still in DC. The costs would be: $440 for diagnostic testing (before they charge me storage fees), $8000 for a new engine or getting another vehicle (which I can find at an auction for less than $8000 if approved)

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Jan 06, 2013
Absolutely There's Help
by: Claudy


I am certain there is help for your utilities from a Federally Funded program called LIHEAP (Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program). I know you can get help by checking out these websites:



In fact I know how you can find a lot of help you never knew existed!

Benefits.gov is an online website that has a statistical survey to locate and identify all programs, services and grants provided by the government for you specifically. Take the survey and once you've answered all the questions a computerized list is made complete with addresses and contact information. You're going to be amazed at all there is out there for you!

You can either print out the list or email it to yourself because once you leave the site it's erased. There will be much to go through, so you're going to be busy.

Just recently benefits.gov added a video link to explain and help if needed but you'll find it's a cinch even though the survey is long.

LIHEAP will be in your list but if for some strange quirk or is not just do a Google search for LIHEAP. It's that simple.

Get excited because you are going to be! I am hoping for a huge truck load of luck to come to you and your boys super fast. I just know it is now.

Bye for now and let us know the great news.

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