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Disability Grant To Help Car Accident Disabled Man Get Shower And Handrails

by Leslie Johnston
(Dayton, Texas, USA)

I'm a 37-year-old single male with a 17-year-old daughter that lives with her mother in Missouri.

I use to be project manager of the second largest demolishing company in Houston, Texas.

I was always a hands-on kind of guy. Even growing up as the youngest child, I was mechanically inclined -- and always the boss.

Disability Issues

I'm C-5 incomplete and wheelchair-bound as the result of a single car accident. I fell asleep at the wheel on the way to Florida to work for FEMA in 2004

Financial Hardship

At the time of my accident, I was living with my girlfriend. We were buying the house we were living in. We lost the house due to me being in the hospital for over five months.

My girlfriend left me and I had no choice but to go to a nursing home. At the time of my discharge from the hospital, I couldn't even sit up without being bandaged from foot to chest due to blood pressure issues.

I've gotten better, but I still need help showering and changing clothes and cooking due to my injuries.

I've since gotten out of the nursing home. I got a loan co-signed by my mom to get a 12x32 cabin that has a toilet without handrails.

My dad let me put it on his land. I use his water and sewer. It was my grandmother's land. She's passed on.

I have no shower or kitchen. I cook everything by microwave or on a little burner on an old desk that I have.

When I have to take shower, I have to go to my dad's. It's hard for me to get undressed and dressed. So getting dressed to go to my dad's then shower there then dress again to come home and undress to get in bed is a lot more work than if I had my own shower here.

I don't have hot water either so I wash dishes in water that I run through the coffee pot or heat on the burner. I don't do this often because I only have one fully functioning hand from my injury.

I do have a carport next to my building. Some day I plan to pour concrete and enclose it to add as part of my house for more space.

Income Efforts

I'm on full disability with Medicare and Medicaid. My dad is my caregiver. He helps me with my daily needs, cleaning up after me and helping with my showers.

I'd like to be more independent by building a house on the land that I live on or to add a shower.

The building that I live in is a storage shed, a cook's building that never had plumbing so Medicaid won't help me because it never had a tub or shower.

Specific Needs

I'd like a grant for a house built on my dad's land or least help to add a shower to my building that I'm living in.

I'd like to put a sewer tank lid on my sewer so the rain won't keep trying to fill up my whole system, making my sink back up.

I would also like to put handrails on my toilet so I could use my toilet in my building by myself.

I need to level my building so I don't have to lock my brakes on my chair just to watch TV without wheelchair rolling on its on.

I need to tie my building down so I don't have to worry about getting up out of bed in middle of night if a storm comes. We live in a rural area of tornado alley.

Also a shower would be nice so I could take a shower daily or at least whenever I need for time to time. I do have accidents at night from being incontinent.

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Mar 02, 2013
Need something bigger in Texas!
by: Ken

Hi Leslie,

Sorry to hear of your situation. Have your ever given some thought to a good used mobile home? They are pretty well done now. All the piping, everything is in there. Try this link:


I believe you can find good material here, homes for humanity, lots of suggestions. The biggest part is your story and your applications. Best wishes and don't forget to try all of the suggestions at www.ability-mission.org. I have seen a lot of good there.


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