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Disability Grant To Help COPD And OSD Disabled Woman With Hydrotherapy

by Helena Lee
(Sedona, Arizona, USA)

I am a 58-year-old woman of color. I am divorced with two adult sons ages 40 and 32. The 32 year old lives at home with me.

I also have seven siblings. My father who is deceased was a career military man in the air force as was my ex-husband.

I moved from California to my present home Sedona, Arizona for better medical care. Both my son and I love it here. It is both peaceful and beautiful.

Disability Issues

I was born with hip dysplasia, severe joint pain, migraine headaches as both a child and adult. I have severe joint degeneration and arthritic pain in all of my joints.

I have COPD In my lungs. Thus I'm on oxygen 24 hours.

I have very bad allergies, which cause additional breathing issues.

I have Osgood-Schlatter disease (OSD) in my knees. The muscle in my right knee was not connected to the bone.

My father had to carry me everywhere due to my knees and my falling on the floor constantly due to my hip coming out of joint, which was and still remains excruciating until I became too old to be carried.

My diagnosis is severe degenerative joint disease and severe degenerative disc disease in my lumbar, thoracic and cervical spine.

Since the doctors are unable to do anything about my spine plus my severe arthritis in all of my joints including my hips and spine, I am confined to a wheelchair.

I'm also diagnosed as obese due to the inability to move around.

Financial Hardship

I would like to find a grant to purchase a home with funds to retrofit it so everything would be accessible since I'm in a wheelchair.

I am in great need of a van with ramp for my wheelchair.

I'm supposed to be at the pool where I do pool exercise having pool therapy.

The Northern Arizona Rehabilitation is in another town. Because my Medicaid insurance will not pay for more than 14 days a year I am unable to go the five days a week to water therapy that both my Bariatric physician and Bariatric Surgeon prescribed to assist my weight loss after my surgery.

There is no transportation here for me to get anywhere, which is depressing.

I had gastric sleeve surgery May 2011 and I've barely been able to make any progress due to lack of transportation.

In the water is where I can move, where I'm free. I also desire so very much to be able to go a store a movie a park, see water etc., but I'm trapped in my body and in my home.

Income Efforts

My family does not have money and neither do my friends, so they've been unable to a purchase the van that I've needed.

I've been on SSI since 1984. My income is $700 a month. I'm not eligible for Social Security because I had not worked long enough.

After a near fatal car accident in 1974 I suffered further damage to my back, hips and knees. I had both knees replaced in 2011 but I'm still unable to walk because of my hips and spine.

I've wanted to find work that I could go online but I'm unable to purchase a laptop and a Dragon with voice assistance.

Specific Needs

I've searched for years to find a grant for a van to get to my water therapy and to be able to stop being a prisoner trapped in my house.

I've also searched for a grant to obtain a laptop, a Dragon Voice assist and a good chair that would be both comfortable and support my spine and have my legs up to prevent edema.

I've also wanted to find a grant to start a business to make a income to support myself and son who is autistic and has Asperger's. He's very good at making music and art.

I believe that this would help my depression from my bipolar disorder and provide him with the equipment he needs so badly.

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