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Disability Grant To Help COPD Disabled Woman Rejoin Ohio Support Group

by Pam Hess
(Toledo, Ohio, USA)

I'm 52 years old and currently live in Massachusetts, although I will be moving back home to Ohio. I'm looking for a grant or other assistance to help me do this.

I moved here two and a half years ago with my daughter and seven-year-old grandson. We're very close.

I grew up in Ohio, and never lived more than 15 miles from where I grew up. They were all small towns.

My daughter was in college going to school to be an artist and teacher. She got a scholarship to go to a huge Art college here and told me she was going to go.

I was very upset because I would miss them so much. She said come with us. I didn't know what to do. I talked to my friends and they said I'd be crazy not to see somewhere else so I agreed.

I found a job at a small grocery store just down the street from where I live. It was nice for the first year but then I started getting sick.

I was diagnosed with chronic asthma and COPD. I also have scoliosis. I had a spinal fusion in 1972 but since then my spine has curved back to where it was.

This past year I've been in the hospital three times and have missed a lot of work. I've fallen so far behind in my rent that I'm going to be evicted.

It's just too expensive to live here. I need to go back home to Ohio. Unfortunately, I have no one to stay with there as most of my family has passed away.

Although I can count on the old friendships, I can't impose my financial needs on anyone there.

Everyone thinks I should apply for disability, as it has become such a strain on me to work. Unfortunately so do I.

I like working. Everywhere I work I make it a point to get to know my customers. I would miss that but it's just getting to be too much.

More and more I have to use my inhaler or breathing machine and every night when I get home I usually spend the night with the heating pad on my back because of the pain.

I need enough money to get home, get an apartment, buy a cheap car, and live on for about six months until my disability comes through.

I will be able to get food stamps while I'm waiting. When I get my disability I will have insurance. This is very important, because it will allow me to get the medicine that will keep me out of the hospital. One of my prescriptions is $300 a month.

I need to go home as soon as possible. I have a support system there of friends that can give me the morale boost that I need. They can't give me money or housing but I really need them.

My daughter is planning on going home too. Please help me get home so I can get the care I need. Please consider me. I thank you for your time. Pam Hess.

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Mar 29, 2010
Hi from Ohio!
by: Katina

I live in Ohio and I can give you A LOT of resource links for this area, at least the central Ohio area: Franklin County, Perry, Licking, Knox? etc.

Needing a grant to move to another city may be hard to come by or at least time constraining. There is one thing that I'm not sure if you'd be interested in trying, without having transportation that is. That is to call the local Salvation Army Emergency Shelter in the city that you want to move to and ask if they have any openings. This is a very difficult thing to do for "ANYONE" and it may not be right for you. There are housing programs that homeless individuals can be put on a waiting list for if living at a shelter.

In by evening, out by morning is the normal time rule for remaining inside of most emergency shelters. If you have a secure place to live right now, I would either apply for disability or wait until you have enough resources / insurance to move, or ask a friend you can stay with.

Unfortunately, there is no easy or quick solution to your situation.

With obtaining individual grant assistance, most funds available outside of non-profit or governmental agencies are reserved for local residents, which is why it's essential to contact ALL resource agencies (including, any / all church) to ask if they have available funds.

When contacting a local ministry/ church, you could also ask them about volunteering either by doing stuffing envelopes, or networking using your home phone to give back. It's a great way to show them that you are not just asking for help, you want to give back as well. Something that you hinted about in your story.

I know all about being "proud." It should be my middle name. I swear I almost starved to death once because I couldn't get myself to ask for help. Thankfully, I was able to apply for a college scholarship and several others by going to Ohio State University, in Columbus, Ohio.

When you get situated housing wise and have your income more stable, I'd recommend taking a class, (either online or in a classroom). There are so many scholarships for returning adults! First time college students over the age of 25, and for minorities.

Please keep us updated on your situation so others can better assist you when reading your story. Here are some grant resources:

Needy Things -- offers one-time grants for families needing help paying one bill of up to $1,000.

Critical Difference for Woman Scholarship: Ohio State University Campus Scholarship -- for non-traditional woman entering a degree program, can obtain this grant up to three years in a row, depends on financial need, and essay. Must be enrolled as a full 12 credit hour study program to qualify.

Ohio Links:

Katina from Accessible.org

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