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Disability Grant To Help Diabetic Amputee Mom Get Stair Lift And Married

by Kathy Mallonee
(Gore, Oklahoma, USA)

I am a 53-year-old mother with two daughters and six grandchildren. I live alone in the country near a lake.

I have a fiancé living in Virginia and we are looking to get married soon; however there is a problem of the stairs in his townhouse.

When we solve the problem of the stairs we can get married.

Disability Issues

In 2010, I cut my right foot on something at my daughter's house. Due to the neuropathy in my feet I did not feel it and therefore did not treat it.

My foot started hurting several weeks later and when I checked the wound, it had deepened, tunneled and was infected.

After a year of treatment with antibiotics, off-loading casts, dressings and hospitalizations for septic shock, I ended up with my right foot amputated below the knee in August 2011.

After falling from bed in September and hitting the stump hard, I had x-rays that showed no injury at that time. My stump would not shape though and it started swelling, hurting and turning red.

I was hospitalized in March 2012, when I suffered another case of septic shock, debridement, wound vac and three weeks of intravenous antibiotics. Then I was home again with daily dressing changes until February of 2013.

I was hospitalized for above the knee amputation because the stump would not heal. The surgery was cut short because of respiratory trouble during surgery, so the doctor debrided the wound again and treated the infection with antibiotics.

In late April, I felt very sick, my leg was very painful and I was taken to Saint Francis Hospital by ambulance and admitted for septic shock again. I had an above-the-knee surgery with complications and was hospitalized for 70 days with wound care and intravenous antibiotic therapy.

After I returned home with daily dressing changes and multiple wound doctor appointments, the wound closed in August 2013.

My official disability status is above-the-knee amputee with phantom pain. Other painful diagnoses are neuropathy pain, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus II controlled with diet, depression and morbid obesity.

Financial Hardship

I am homebound except for public transportation that is available to take me shopping in a nearby small town two days a week for three hours and to doctors' appointments.

I cannot afford a vehicle payment for a handicap-accessible van that has an automated ramp for an extra large electric wheel chair.

I also want to get married, but before I can, I need to install a heavy-duty stair lift to get up the stairs in his town house.

I am fortunate to find a man that will want to live the rest of his life with me and my disabilities! I do not want the cost of a stair lift to keep me from the love of my life!

Income Efforts

I am on Social Security Disability Income.

My doctor says my disability is permanent because of the depression and fibromyalgia and other diseases.

My family is unable to help me.

I cannot go to church because of no transportation.

I am applying for grants and benefits for which I qualify.

Specific Needs

I seek grants and benefits for which I qualify.

I need a stair lift with installation for the house I am moving to with my fiancé.

I need a handicap-accessible van to allow me freedom to go places and visit friends and family. I need ramps to get me into buildings that are not handicap-accessible.

I also need some equipment to allow me maneuverability through the narrow doors, utensils to help in the kitchen and equipment to help in the shower, inside my new home.

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