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Disability Grant To Help Disk Diseased Sabrina Get Beds And Van Repairs

by Sabrina Evans
(Inverness, Florida, USA)

I am a 42-year-old divorced and disabled mother of four. I am originally from Oregon, but now I live in Florida with my five year old twins.

My oldest child is 23 years old and is currently in the Army. My 13-year-old son lives with my ex-husband back in Oregon.

Disability Issues

My health problems started escalating after the birth of my twins in 2009. The first thing I had to deal with was a deadly blood infection while I was still in the hospital after the twins were born.

Once I recovered from that, I developed benign tumors in my uterus that caused me to need surgery. Once I recovered from that, I started having problems with my legs. I found out that I have peripheral neuropathy.

Then I found out the following problems over the next two years: degenerative disk disease in my spine, migraines, herniated disk in my neck (I did have surgery to fix this), essential tremors, slightly incompetent heart valve, cardiac murmurs, unresponsive nerves in my left leg, and a bone that has been pushed out of place due to my disk disease.

I am now on permanent disability.

As my disk disease becomes worse over time, my doctors find more things wrong.

Ever since I was a young child I have had tremors in my hands and arms. Over time my tremors have continued to worsen.

Financial Hardship

For many years before my divorce, I was a housewife. There never was a college education or much job experience.

Now, my Social Security income pays rent, Internet, a high monthly electric bill and automobile insurance.

My minivan has many mechanical problems and now my transmission is having problems.

After all of the bills are paid for and other monthly household expenses are taken care of, there is no extra money in my pocket.

Nearly two years ago, my father passed away. Due to my fixed income, I was unable to attend his funeral. That still to this day upsets me.

Income Efforts

Since I am on permanent Disability, I do not have the luxury of being able to go out and find even a part-time job. This means that I have to make do with my Social Security Income that I receive.

People around me have been generous over the last couple of years to donate furniture to me. There are still things that we need badly that there is no money for.

My twins are now five years old and still sleep on air mattresses on the floor.

My daughter is growing fast and finances are making it nearly impossible to keep her in new clothes and shoes. She receives donations here and there, but she grows faster than the donations come in.

My insurance I receive through Medicaid pays for my transportation to my medical appointments and to the pharmacy as well.

The only drawback is that the transportation company requires a 48-hour notice to book the trip unless it is an urgent appointment.

My finances are not able to allow me to pay for the gas to be able to transport myself.

Specific Needs

The house I currently rent is older than I am. It has many maintenance problems that are not receiving the attention of the manager like they should.

My house is so old it is not wired for an electric stove. There is only a gas stove, which I do not use. I make do with one single plug in burner, an electric skillet and a toaster oven.

The gas line is broken and I am unable to afford the monthly propane bill. My efforts to get the manager to give me supplies so I can have someone fix these problems for me have fallen on deaf ears.

My minivan has many maintenance issues as well that I do not have the money to have fixed.

My twins need twin beds so that they will no longer need to sleep on an air mattress on the floor.

My desire to make sure my kids can finally have a good Christmas with lots of new toys has been a dream for a couple of years now. I am able to purchase them a couple of toys but that is all.

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