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Disability Grant To Help Epilepsy Disabled Inventor Hawk Pursue Life Dream

by Hawk Marcarelli
(Yucca Valley, CA, USA)

We live with the cards that we are handed. The deck is only temporary, and we use it in a way that we wish to encounter life.

I was born with a few disabilities. I have always tried with my fullest effort to correct myself and turn everything into a positive.

I was able to graduate from a Junior College and then go forward to successfully graduate with a four-year college degree in Photography/Art.

I have now been trying to apply for a master's program within the Cal State University system.

It's hard for me to learn things due to the medications I take for my disability and all the reactions it will have on any human being.

Disability Issues

My uncle who is an MD in the US Army at that time came over to visit my parents when I was six months old. He noticed when I was being help by my mother that I was having an epileptic seizure.

He told my mother what to do, and to make a visit to the emergency unit at the local hospital, within 20 minutes.

Being born with epilepsy at birth and fighting all that was given to me in school and society was a true challenge within my life.

I fought so many different factors about epilepsy that I needed to hide from others not accepting me with the disability for 46 years of my life.

At the age of 46 I took a leap not too many others would do. I was watching the PBS station that was putting out a special on four different topics that Germany has mastered in.

One of the special topics that PBS covered was neurology for epilepsy. I watched the program and decided to call the doctor in Germany to ask some questions.

First I needed to get his name and spell it correctly. I called the east coast subsidiary of PBS located in Boston and was able to get the correct spelling of his name.

From there I called information and was able to call that doctor and find out where in America was this machine that does MSI not MRI.

MSI stands for Magnetic Source Imaging. MSI combines MEG (magnetoencephalography) and MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) results to create functional maps of brain activity.

These maps can show where areas of normal and abnormal activity are located. Clinically, MSI can provide increased localization of spike activity in patients with seizures. MSI can look at activity deeper in the brain than EEG alone.

I called Scripps Research Institute, donated myself for testing and was accepted as a test subject. When completing the testing they wanted to pay me for my time and effort. I told them no; all I care to receive is a copy of the records to take to UCLA.

Four months later I ended up at UCLA and was told by the Chef of Neurology, "I rarely state this to any patient in this department of Neurology, but you may be a qualified patient here at UCLA."

He asked me where I got the testing and information. I handed him a business card from the tech that did all the testing at Scripps Institute.

I was accepted at UCLA and started a massive journey of testing for 14 months. The doctor stated to me that same day that after two years I could wean off all medications.

After two years of different experiences or different feelings of life, I decided to start to wean off the medication I had been taking all my life.

After almost six months I was able to wean off all medications. Each day is a day to be happy and I try my fullest to help others and progress in my life.

Financial Hardship

I am sure my parents knew the cost of all medications. By the time I was 27 years old I was out on my own. It was hard to afford just the least amount needed for one month.

I kept passing out, having a hard time to remember what was stated and how to follow certain orders from others, getting fired from many different jobs, passing out at different jobs and just walking away from work.

DMV told me that I was NOT allowed to drive.

I am still on Disability and SSI and find myself in a severe struggle within my life.

Income Efforts

I tried anything everywhere to hold a job.

There were no family members to help.

The Catholic Church did not help.

I was not able to get SSI or Disability at that time and felt that was not the way to go in anyone's life at that time.

I was denied SSI three different times and decided to go to court with an attorney appointed to me from the state, and allow the judge to hear my reason for needing SSI.

So I went about it and stated that I needed SSI so that I may be accepted in going to UCLA to receive assistance for this disability I have had all my life.

Two months later I received SSI and Disability. I was able to make and attend an appointment at UCLA so I was able to bring all medical records from Scripps Research Institute.

Specific Needs

I need some help for continuing my education for a master's degree so I am able to receive the transportation needed to get me to and from school.

I do have a vast amount of other bills and care to receive any assistance if possible. I would like to get a computer to help me at school also.

I am very much in need of assistance for dental work, eyeglasses and car repairs.

Where I live, there are NO buses to go to the only university in southern California that has photography as a master's degree. So with my 1995 automobile repaired, I'd be able to drive myself to the University for classes for a master's degree.

I would also consider a low interest loan.

Are there any special websites to follow for disabled students to apply for scholarships?

I ask for this assistance to be able to follow my dreams I have had all my life.

Business Idea

I applied twice for the Shark Tank on ABC network TV to see if they would be interested in my US and Canadian Patent on the Removable Wallet Tether.

See https://www.google.com/patents/US5497818 for the patent description.

I also own two other inventions. I am looking for a license agreement with a different manufacturer who will make the product.

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Aug 18, 2015
by: Sheila

Hi Hawk,

My, you are talented and with such perseverance I've ever seen! Just those two qualities will actually get you far.

Do get into Don's Workbook. Once you do that, also go here:


It is another disability website Don works with that is free and also offers help to those that need and deserve the benefits.

Do keep us posted on how you are doing, ok?


Aug 17, 2015
On to the Workbook
by: Don from Ability Mission

Great story Hawk!

Kudos to you for getting a patent. It takes both creativity and perseverance to do it.

You've got great potential. You can help realize itt by following the Workbook, which shows you how to use your story to get the assistance you need.

Don Coggan

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