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Disability Grant To Help GBS Disabled Man Get Accessible Home And Bath

by Kyle Vaughan
(Walker, LA, USA)

I'm 44, and have been married to a wonderful, beautiful lady for five years and three months.

We have two gorgeous children, David five years old and Leilani two and a half years old.

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I was a Medical Technologist for 13 years. I had worked for a Med Staffing Agency, and with them I went to Alaska, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Colorado. I saw some beautiful places and met a lot of nice people.

My wife is a US permanent resident. I met her through friends online. Within six weeks of talking to her, I traveled to the Philippines to meet her.

Nine months after I met her, she came to the US and we were married. One month later, David was born.

Disability Issues

It started March 2008 when I was at work. For no reason, I became frozen, couldn't move and had difficulty breathing.

I went down to the ER, and they ran all sorts of tests. They said it was stress and sent me home.

Two days later, it was the same thing. This time they told me to take two weeks off, so I did.

The day before I was due to return, April 10, 2008, I woke up dizzy and my feet were numb.

This time I was admitted and a guinea pig, but finally after two days they had a diagnosis -- Guillain-Barré syndrome.

I was airlifted 100 miles away, and within four hours of arriving, I was in a coma. I stayed in a coma for eight weeks, then ICU for nine months totally paralyzed.

While I was there, the hospital collapsed my lung trying to insert a central line. They let me develop a bed sore four inches round and deep from not turning me, and I was dead for a short time.

In November, I was transferred to a long-term facility, and my doctor saved my life.

I had lain there for seven months, dependent on painkillers. I cussed her, but she weaned me off them, and I started to recover.

Within two months, I started to have movement in my left arm. By March 2009, I was able to sit on my own. In late April, I was walking with a walker.

I was discharged mid-May 2009 in a wheelchair, and by Jan 2010 I was out of the chair.

As of this January 2013 I can walk with the help of an AFO (Ankle Foot Orthosis). I still can't use my hands for small stuff, and I have very little use of my right arm.

But I'm breathing, and I'm happy!

Financial Hardship

It's hard financially with my credit score crashing to 563 due to all the collection agencies. I have recovered to 686 so far.

I am living with my parents, but with two small kids there's no room.

The money problem is I am on SSDI, and my wife works part-time, so for a home loan, I am qualified for $122,500, and that's only if I can get help on closing costs.

I NEED -- not want -- a large shower and bathroom. My wife bathes me and helps when I use the restroom.

On what I'm approved for, we can't find what we need. I need bars to help me stand, it would be great to have a bench to sit, but to have what we need, we have to build. The cheapest quote I can find is $150K+.

Income Efforts

I receive SSDI and long-term disability, and my children receive a small amount each month.

I have racked my brain trying to figure some form of work I can do. But without the use of my hands, there's really nothing I CAN do.

I type on a PC using one finger, and prop my right arm on my left since my left wrist is limp and hard to type with.

Specific Needs

I would love a grant or something to help with the construction of a home that I can afford and be functional for me to use. I've searched and the houses in my approved range are too small or falling down!

I am a first time homebuyer. I can use all the advice you can offer. I will listen to any advice you can give.

No sympathy needed!

A hug would be nice!

Any grants or benefits that I may qualify for would help. ANYTHING helps! Even a hug!

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