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Disability Grant To Help Huntington Disabled Man Live Meaningful Life

by William Thomas
(Valparaiso, Indiana, USA)

I am a 33-year-old male. I have one younger sister and an older brother. I currently see them very often now as they are my most important support network, along with my father.

I am enjoying every day now more than ever. My goal is to find the woman who will be my wife in the next two years.

I want a family more than anything, but that reality is contingent on several issues, out of my control at the moment.

Disability Issues

I was diagnosed with Huntington's disease in June of 2012. I was predisposed genetically to acquire the disease because my mother had it and passed away at a young age from it.

The odds of the disease developing in offspring of a parent with this disease are supposed to be 50%.

In my mother's family all her siblings developed it. Unfortunately, for my sister and myself, the odds were no less off with regard to our throw of the genetic dice.

There is a spectrum of how quickly the disease progresses and in my case, I have suffered a quick progression of symptoms.

I am currently 100% disabled because of the loss of my balance, coordination and ability to speak clearly.

Financial Hardship

I got a job as an apprentice to a machine shop right out of high school and moved up to full machinist in a short time.

I have been employed for 14 years and I love working with metal. I love cutting it, shaping it, manipulating it to make products people need and want.

Recently the symptoms of my disease began to get so bad that I no longer have a steady gait and my hands shake too much to bring the necessary precision to the job that is required.

I was let go in late May of last year and have applied for Social Security Disability and state level help.

Income Efforts

I have applied to the other area machine shops. I get the impression as soon as I walk in to try to explain myself the human resources can tell by my loss of gait and communication deficits that I am a safety hazard.

I have resolved that I will not work in a machine shop until modern medicine can correct the extra-synaptic firing in my brain caused by this disease.

I did receive unemployment benefits right after I lost my job.

I have had to rely on my family to make small loans to bridge the gap in expenses due to the loss of income.

I applied right away for Social Security Disability.

My unemployment ran out in January of 2013.

I have been forced to sell anything I can live without and now have just the bare necessities.

I have sent letters out to grant organizations in a book I bought authored by Kevin Trudeau. I received no responses.

The latest silver lining was that I received my first check from Social Security. It is less than half of what I made when employed.

Specific Needs

I am seeking any grant that will provide relief from all the medical bills that are quickly mounting.

I would like to be able to hire an aide to help me with cooking, cleaning and general chores. I fear I will lose my ability to drive soon.

More than anything, I would like a grant to get back my furniture and all the things I worked so hard for.

I know this is probably a lot to ask from strangers, but I really have lost everything so quickly I don't know where to turn.

The prognosis for Huntington's is so grim in all the literature and my research.

I know if I can get to a point where I am stable again I will not give up on life.

I really hope this work reaches someone who knows enough about grants that can make a difference in my life.

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Feb 09, 2013
This might help
by: Kim Hubbard

William, I am not sure if you have seen the webpage listed below or not but I really encourage you to look into it.

There are many funding sources available that many folks do not know about. If you follow the instructions below, it will assist you in finding a website that will tell you about these funds, based on your particular qualifications and needs. I hope this helps! God bless!


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