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Disability Grant To Help IED And PTSD Disabled Vet Left Penniless By Wife

by Thomas McCann
(Morrisville, PA, USA)

I am a disabled veteran who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2006. I am 34 years old and going through a rough divorce!

I came home from work one day and found all my wife's stuff was gone.

The very next day, after I tried to get gas for my car and was unable to do so, I discovered she had cleaned out the bank account and left me with nothing but all the bills.

Disability Issues

I was diagnosed with PTSD after I returned home from Iraq in 2006.

I also got hurt over there as well. I injured my back and I lost some hearing in my right ear from a roadside bomb blast that did not explode fully.

I am considered 50% disabled by the Veterans Administration.

Financial Hardship

I have been struggling to pay the bills since the wife took off and left me with nothing but the bills. It has been hard for me to catch up after being left with absolutely nothing!

She said she was paying our house payments but I came to find out she was telling me lies. She was keeping the money for herself knowing she was going to leave me!

She not only cleaned out the bank account but she took my bed and all of my bedroom furniture.

Being left with nothing has been a struggle. It has been hard to get back on my feet!

I do work full time and once I can get out of this hole and back on my feet I should be fine!

I just don't want to end up homeless, which I feel is going to happen unless I can get help catching up!

Income Efforts

I work a full-time job and collect VA disability once a month.

I have tried to get help from my mom but she has been struggling recently after being laid off from her job.

I basically have nowhere to turn at the moment.

Specific Needs

I am currently seeking some sort of grant or assistance in getting back on my feet so I do not end up homeless.

I need assistance catching up on some bills. It has been nothing but a struggle since she left me.

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