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Disability Grant To Help Legally Blind Ashley Further Her Business Education

by Ashley Honey
(Vilonia, Arkansas, USA)

I am a single twenty-three-year-old mother of a three-year-old boy. He is my pride and joy, and everything I do, I do for him.

We both live on our own in an apartment we just recently moved into over the past couple of months.

I have one sister, one step sister, and one stepbrother. My parents divorced when I was a year old. My father remarried when I was about two years old.

Disability Issues

I was born legally blind. The correct term for my eye disorder is called ocular albinism. My visual acuity is 20/400, whereas, perfect visual acuity is 20/20.

The best way to explain what I can see is that what someone who has perfect visual acuity can see from four-hundred feet away, I cannot see the same object clearly until it is twenty feet from me.

All of my life, I have been told that I will never be able to legally drive because of my vision.

Another condition, called nystagmus, causes my eyes to move uncontrollably from side to side, although I don't notice that they move.

Financial Hardship

Since I am unable to receive a drivers' license, it is fairly difficult for me to obtain transportation.

My Supplemental Security Income hasn't been enough for me to be able to live on just that alone, so for my son and I to be able to afford our own place, I had to get a job also.

To keep my part-time job, I have to pay for daycare for my son, and it is definitely not cheap by any means. I pay $90 every week for his daycare just so I can work for approximately five hours for three or four days a week.

I don't have anyone else that is able to care for him for me while I am at work.

Income Efforts

I have been receiving $733 Supplemental Security Income since May of 2010.

I also have a part-time job working in the meat department at a grocery store where I earn $200 every two weeks.

My mother and her boyfriend help me quite often if I am in need of groceries, a way of transportation to get to work, or anything that my son needs.

I am also receiving SNAP benefits, but it isn't enough to last us the entire month.

Specific Needs

Mainly I need help financially with continuing my education. I've recently enrolled in college at Everest University Online for an associate degree in business.

Other benefits I wish to receive would be more SNAP and SSI benefits, if at all possible. Anything would help.

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Apr 17, 2015
Possible Helpful Tips
by: Paris

Hi Ashley,

That must be a great challenge to be blind. Hard for me to imagine your daily struggles and obstacles.

I know you mentioned you have your mom and boyfriend to get you around, but have you tried what we have in Spokane is ParaTransit. I'm not sure what they call it in Arkansas. They have to determine you are eligible, but they come to your residence, pick you up, take you where you need to go and bring you back for a very nominal fee. I pay something like $1.50 one way to go 50 miles.

Here is a pdf that talks about paratransporation in your area:

If this isn't the right one, inside it are links that I know will get you to the right place and transportation for your needs.

Do you know if there is a SCORE office in your town? They are all over the US and run by the Small Business Administration. Retired successful businessmen offer one on one sessions for whatever you need for business and also hold free classes to teach you business skills.

I looked it up for you, here it is:


They offer mentoring, online classes, templates and tools, and whatever you need for your business education and home business especially geared with your disability in mind.

I hope you find the services you need, Ashley. It's hard to be disabled, a single parent with a little one depending on you, and trying to better yourself with an education and/or a business.

I wish you the very best and if there's anything else I can help you with just reach out to me and I'll try my best to help with whatever you need.

God bless!


Apr 17, 2015
Good for you, Ashley
by: Don from Ability Mission

Now that your story is published you can move on to the Workbook stage of the process where you learn how to use your story to get the grants/benefits/help you are eligible for.

Don Coggan

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