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Disability Grant To Help Lymphedema Disabled Ivan Improve Home Finances

by Ivan Kauffmann
(Columbus, Georgia, USA)

Hello world, my name is Ivan Kauffmann and I am 37 years old from Columbus, Georgia.

I am a single male with no kids that I know of (I think there is one girl who may have lied to me, but I can't contact her anymore).

I'm 6'8" and 515 pounds and I live with my parents.

Disability Issues

I have a rare leg disease called Lymphedema. It is a painful disease that paralyses the lymph nodes that move fluid throughout your body.

It also causes massive swelling, which is extremely painful. My feet and legs from the knee down have been swollen massively since 2005.

Using compression socks is the only remedy for this disease, which is why there is not a lot of doctors who treat it in the world.
How Normal Limb Is Affected By Lymphedema
How Normal Limb Is Affected By Lymphedema

Walking most times feels like I'm walking on broken bottles everywhere I go. Very painful to walk but I suck it up and try to walk as much as I can.

Sometimes I stay on my feet too long and my leg will start hurting. I will then have to put them up when I'm not up walking.

Pain pills don't work because the lymph nodes don't work and the medicine will never get to the area where it's needed. But Tylenol works with headaches and fevers!!!

Financial Hardship

I get 100% Disability and a total income of $758 a month. After paying my car note, my rent and my bills, I usually have about $184 to live on for the whole month. It's just enough for me to eat on and pay gas for my car.

I want to go back to school, but getting around a campus will be difficult.

My Medicaid/Medicare pays my doctors' bills and medicine and I am thankful for that.

I got two credit cards I shouldn't have applied for. A mortgage counselor said it would improve my chances of borrowing to get a house. I think I have made it worse.

My cards are maxed out and my little minimal payment will never reduce the amount I owe.

My old car broke down so I bought a new car. I got it financed by myself and I don't know how, but now I'm dreading this car payment!

Compression socks ran $150 apiece but I found a store on eBay to get them for $55. Even that's expensive in my budget now.

Income Efforts

I applied for and won 100% Disability of $214 from SSI and $535 from SSA and that's my only income.

I tried being an actor because I love acting but I usually didn't get paid for it. I did a lot of free gigs and some gigs that paid my gas. But my health has ruined any chance to pursue that I think.

Sometime my friends take me out to eat because I can't afford to eat out a lot.

Specific Needs

I would like to apply for extra benefits if that option exists.

Some grants would be nice to maybe help with debt relief or to go to college to get a bachelor degree.

I would like to see if any grants will help fix my parents' house or help them with bills and things like that.

Maybe with housing grants, I can get my own place or something like that.

Business Idea

I have a great idea on how to help the homeless, but I don't want somebody taking my idea.

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Sep 09, 2015
Now move on to the Workbook
by: Don from Ability Mission

Hey Ivan,

Now that your story has been published, you can get the Workbook, which shows you how to use your story to get the help you need.

Don Coggan

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