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Disability Grant To Help Man Replace Lost Hospital Malpractice Settlement

by Harry W. Green, Jr.
(Lyons, Illinois, USA)

To whoever takes the time to read this plea, I wish I was more eloquent, sadly I am not.

I became wheelchair-bound in 1981, because of a surgical procedure that went badly, due in large part to negligence and inexperience.

I lost the first malpractice law-suit, and I am to this day shocked at that outcome.

Then on the advice of my legal team, I settled out of court. I think that was a big mistake.

The settlement was $2,250,000. For a life. At the time it seemed fair. As you'll see, it was anything but.

My lawyer took 50%, which left me with $1,125,000. I tried to do the right thing. I thought I was, but the vultures came out and I was promptly relieved of that "money burden."

As I was being conned out of the last I had, my back went out. So I had to have yet another surgery. At the same time they had to do surgery on my abdomen.

The back surgery was s fusion, which went fine. The other surgery went well too. Shortly thereafter, I went to a nursing home in Arizona. The food was horrible, among other things.

I cannot honestly put the blame for my financial collapse on other people. I was living well beyond my means. I had no income, just the promise of future incredible income.

Now I am back in the home that was purchased by my father in 1986. My father has since passed away and he willed the house to my brother and me.

My mother is still with me, and she does what she can. Between us we can pay the bills and property taxes. But if something major was to go bad, we couldn't afford to make the repairs.

I hope that some assistance can be forthcoming. Thank you, Harry Green.

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