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Disability Grant To Help Mom Buy Computer For Son With Brocas Aphasia

by Tiffany Wetoskey
(Fremont, OH, USA)

I am a 30-year-old female. I have a husband, two stepsons, and an eight-year-old son of my own.

My son’s name is Stanley and he is the light of my life. My husband is not his father but has been with us for the last seven years. Stanley has not seen his dad this whole time. My husband took over the role of dad.

Stanley is why I am writing this. Stanley is in first grade. He loves camping and riding his bike or just staying in and watching television.

Disability Issues

Stanley has Broca's aphasia, which affects his speech. It also hinders the way he learns. He takes special class three times a week at school, plus speech class once a week at the hospital. Reading is harder for him because he hears sounds differently than you and I.

The aphasia also affects Stanley’s motor skills. Once a week at school he leaves his classroom for physical therapy. He also goes to the hospital once every other week for occupational therapy.

Classwork that is missed while he is in therapy has to be made up at home. Most nights homework should only take about 20 minutes, but it takes Stanley twice that, and that's on a good night.

Financial Hardship

Money is tight most months. Stanley gets SSI which helps, but gas is very high right now. Between trip to the hospitals for therapy and to specialists, funds run low near the end of every month. This means saving are non-existent.

Sometime it is a little crazy because we only have one car. I have learned to be very strategic in planning appointments.

Unfortunately there is not any medicine to fix or even help Stanley cope with his Broca's aphasia. His insurance only covers 30 speech and 30 occupational therapy sessions. The rest are out of pocket. This leaves very little fun money.

Income Efforts

We were very lucky to be approved for Stanley's SSI the first time we applied. This was when he was two.

I am my son’s full-time caregiver. My mom helps with as much as she can, however she has to make sure her own lifestyle is paid for. Almost all of Stanley's clothes were donated.

Specific Needs

I would like to buy Stanley his own computer – one that works to the sound of his own voice. I believe this would be a great tool for him.

There is always a barrier to anyone who is meeting my child for the first time. As my son goes through school I want him to have as many opportunities as the rest of his classmates.

All kids are mean and unaccepting to the unknown. I just want to make Stanley’s life as easy as I can.

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