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Disability Grant To Help Mom With CVID Disabled Daughter Live Debt Free

by Rita Robinson
(West Fork, AR, USA)

I have a 15-year-old girl and she lives with dad, mom and sister. She is in the ninth grade and likes art, loves to swim and loved to play sports but cannot right now.

She is involved with her church and likes going to summer camp with her youth group. She was adopted when she was four months old and so was her sister.

We have a great family but we're going through rough times financially now.

Disability Issues

Alyssa has been sick since she was a baby and has been on medicine almost all her life. She was losing her hearing so she wears hearing aids and has for years.

She has been sick so much and could not get well so we had test done and she was diagnosed about a year ago with common variable immunodeficiency (CVID) so she has to take infusions once a week at home for the rest of her life.

If she gets around anyone sick then she gets sick and it stinks so she has to be really careful. She has been homebound from school for three months so she gets bored with nothing to do. She is also limited by her really bad asthma.

Financial Hardship

My husband is disabled and I take care of Alyssa and my mother who has Alzheimer's, so we don't have much money to do anything much.

We have to make so many trips to Arkansas Children's Hospital, as well as get to all the other doctors' appointments. We have no money left over to do things as a family that are not health-related.

We had our old house burn down. Now we have a different house. It costs a lot to live in and then we still have to feed ourselves.

We have lots of credit card debt from going back and forth to doctors and to buy gas and food.

Income Efforts

I have tried to get us on food stamps but could not get them.

We have no family that can help out and I cannot work and leave my mom and Alyssa. I am the one that has to do the weekly infusions.

I was buying groceries and gas on credit cards but they are maxed out now so we are very limited with funds now.

I have not applied for anything but food stamps. I don't know how.

Specific Needs

We just need help if there is anything out there somewhere.

Would like to pay off our credit cards and get back on our feet.

I do not like asking for help but I have found out with a sick child you have to give up your pride sometimes.

I would like to see what might be available for us.

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