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Disability Grant To Help MS Disabled Woman Get Car With Hand Controls

by Lucy Snider
(Maryville, TN, USA)

I'm a 59-year-old woman who divorced several years ago.

My daughter and son-in-law live somewhat close to me. We enjoy spending time together for cookouts, fishing, camping… anything outside, weather permitting.

Disability Issues

In 1985 I had my first multiple sclerosis attack. It was devastating. My husband did not understand. Neither did my 11-year-old daughter.

At that time it was only spinal fluid samples that could determine it (mine did). This was in the years before MRI.

So, I went onward and lived my life the best I could, knowing there would be more attacks and most likely not lesser.

By 2005 I had the real massive one that ended my employment. I was a caretaker for mentally challenged adult woman. I lived with her 24/7.

The attack that occurred caused me to be unable to use my dominant hand, the left. When the employer found out about the MS attack, she decided not to renew my contract.

That was last time I worked. As a result of more MS attacks over the year and a spinal fusion that didn't go well, my right foot feels almost useless.

It's paralyzed. When I walk on it, it feels like my entire foot is numb, like from being out in the snow too long.

The sensation is spreading slowly up my foot and almost to my ankle on my right foot. About the first half of my left foot is numb.

Financial Hardship

I live on $784 a month. I live in public housing. The monthly rent is $225 and the usual utilities overages are another $60, for a total of $285.

My prescriptions are about $35 a month. The over-the-counter things I'm supposed to take (such as vitamins) are another $25 per month.

Payments for the new Maytag washer I purchased last year have set me back $66 a month for 13 months.

Add in gas, food, car insurance, cable and phone, and there's next to nothing left over.

Income Efforts

I am drawing my SSDI, that's all.

I would love to try to get a part time job, but only if I get another car. This one I have will not last very much longer. The AC is gone and I can't tolerate heat in summer due to the MS not allowing me to cool down as normal people do.

All of my family died a few years ago. I have my daughter, but she and her hub have just bought a foreclosed house AS IS. They have weeks of work and expenses just to be able to turn on the water there. They can't help with down payment and all they are going through. I have no one else.

Specific Needs

I need a car with hand controls. Can I add them to the car I have or would I have to buy a new one at maybe $20,000?

Any advice and/or financial assistance would make my day.

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