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Disability Grant To Help Navy Vet And Boxing Champ Get SDDI and Housing

by Mark Buchanan
(Kinston, NC, USA)

I'm a black male, remarried with three children by my first wife, now of age.

I'm a two time All-Navy boxing champion (87-88) and 1988 Eastern Olympic Trials finalist.

I have two sea service awards as a sailor and I'm a recipient of the Navy Expeditionary award and an Armed Forces Expeditionary award.

Disability Issues

The real origins of my disabilities comes from me boxing and the noise I had to endure on the flight line as an Aviation Ordnance man in the US Navy.

I receive a 10 percent lifetime benefit for tinnitus, but my hearing is much, much worse than tinnitus in both ears.

I was also in a car accident in April of 2005 which hurt L-5 in my lower spine and my neck.

The VA in Durham, NC have also diagnosed me with PTSD.

Financial Hardship

My wife and I are really homeless after our power and gas bills reached astronomical proportions. We are residing with her older sister.

We have no jobs, me because of my disabilities and she got laid off after working in education for the state for over 20 years.

Our piece of car is holding up so far.

VA send meds in the mail to the in-laws' residence.

The only money is my $130 a month I get from the VA.

Income Efforts

All our efforts to obtain help came to no help at all.

We both have claims in for Social Security Disability. She has asthma really bad.

Things are tight when it comes to family. Nobody has any extra money to loan us.

Specific Needs

I seek any help I can get that gets us a place of our own, drug and alcohol counseling, SSI, grants if any can be obtained and attorney for Veterans claims.

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