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Disability Grant To Help PKD Disabled Woman Avert Family Home Foreclosure

by Janice Schmidt
(Carpentersville, IL, USA)

I am a 54-year-old single woman who lives alone. I was a bookkeeper for the past 18 years.

I have two siblings, one of whom passed away a few years ago after catching every known super bug.

I have two children, one girl (moved away) and a son, married with two beautiful boys.

Disability Issues

My siblings and I inherited PKD (Polycystic Kidney Disease) from our Mother. No one else in the family has it.

We are not sure how our mother ended up with this kidney disease, which can also spread to other organs.

In 2001 I was blessed with a kidney transplant five days after being put on the transplant list.

In June of 2012 I became very sick and found out I had pneumonia and was in renal failure losing my kidney of 11 years.

I was so sick I almost died and to this day am still trying to get stronger.

Financial Hardship

Becoming divorced in the late 90s has had its ups and downs on the financial side of life of being a single again woman.

I have spent the past 18 years being a bookkeeper. In April of 2012 I was laid off and went on unemployment.

I was very grateful I was able to make my May and June mortgage payments.

On June 10th I became hospitalized for 10 days with pneumonia and found out I was in renal failure and losing my transplant of 11 years.

I was so sick and devastated to say the least. Then I was hospitalized again for seven days. I had no health insurance.

At this point I finally was able to get it together enough to file for Social Security and disability. The Social Security Income was $698 per month but my mortgage was $908 per month.

As of January 2013 my disability has started and is now $993 per month but not enough to help cover the mortgage.

Income Efforts

As a result of this illness I had to go on Social Security until my disability started but would not have it until January 2013.

I had already applied for food stamps and was getting $42 a month.

I was told by the social workers at my dialysis center to apply for Medicaid as Medicare was already taken care of. This would be my secondary insurance.

A friend told me about LIHEAP (Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program) that helps with your utilities.

I wish I could work; however, dialysis three times a week is very hard on the body and makes me non-functioning.

Specific Needs

I am seeking a disability grant for $100K to stop foreclosure on my family home where I grew up.

I have nowhere to move to and due to the cold climate here, I would not survive living in my car.

My only thoughts are if I lose my home and my car is my only option, I will go off dialysis and that will be the end.

This is not what I want. I want to watch my grandchildren grow.

I want them to have a grandma, something I did not have growing up. I want to give back after I get my transplant and can function again.

I want to live.

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