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Disability Grant To Help TBI Disabled Jessica With Debt Relief And Housing

by Jessica Teixeira de Sousa
(Lowell, MA, USA)

I am a 34-year-old married mother with one son who is now 14 months old.

My husband and I lived in fear for eight years because he wasn’t legal, but he has since received his visa.

Disability Issues

I suffered a TBI, traumatic brain injury, from a car accident in 1999. I was in the hospital for three months, where I had to relearn how to do everything from walking to making food.

I started with Mass Rehab to try to get employed, but with permanent memory issues and continuing effects from the car accident, I have not been able to hold a position at a job.

Financial Hardship

My rent is $1300 a month, not including utilities. I only receive $1484 in SSI. My food stamps have been reduced to $80 a month and that lasts me about a week.

I have multiple credit card debts that I can’t pay off because I need to make sure the baby has food.

Income Efforts

I have been involved with Mass Rehab for over 10 years. Within those years we have tried different training programs, individual coaching, job coaching and extra tutoring. Yet, none of these efforts have been successful due to my injuries and memory issues.

We have tried certain programs that focus on memory and they haven’t worked. I have tried to gain employment, but I have failed to keep the jobs due to my disabilities.

Specific Needs

Anything helps, benefits that I may be eligible for, grants, lawyer, and any advice. Anything would be greatly appreciated.

I need help paying off the credit cards, help with the rent and more money for food. These are the three top needs of my family today.

I would like to find affordable housing in a nice area where I could feel safe letting my son outside. We live in a very unsafe city and I don’t want my son to be influenced by this. I want him to have a bright future where he can succeed.

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