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Disability Grant To Help US Army Vet Walter Reopen Restaurant Business

by Walter Jones
(Pueblo, Colorado, USA)

My name is Walter Jones Sr. I'm married and have two children. My daughter is grown, but I care for her and her four-year-old daughter.

I'm a disabled US Army veteran. I used to be a directional drilling supervisor for oil companies drilling oil and gas.

Disability Issues

I suffered a career-ending injury to my knees. My disability to both my knees has progressed and now my knees are bone on bone.

I have recently undergone arthroscopic surgery on my left knee and have had no decrease in pain. I now have to walk with a cane and have difficulty climbing stairs.

I also have disability from severe depression, migraine headaches, IBS, chronic pancreatitis and diabetes.

I also sometimes get very angry and burst out at my family. I am told that this is due to my depression. The added stress is making things worse and I feel as if this condition may be jeopardizing my relationship with my family.

I no longer have the desire to drive. I get enraged and worked up over every tiny issue . I have good days and bad.

I am not getting proper sleep because all the pain I have keeps me up at night.

I have had a rough time with learning how to deal with life in my new state of being and I'm constantly worried that I'm going to lose my home and my vehicles I have.

My wife has high blood pressure. And I feel even more depressed that I cannot provide for her or the rest of my family.

Financial Hardship

I can't provide Insurance for my wife and son. There is little money left over after the bills are paid.

I struggle with making my bills. I pay a late fee on just about every bill I have.

As a result of losing the ability to work I now rely on $1500 a month to pay for my home cars, auto insurance, utilities etc.

I do not have the money to make my house payment and provide food at the same time.

Social security denied my claim.

The ever-climbing cost of food, clothing and insurance is out of my budget.

As a matter of priorities my family and I have learned to do without on a lot of occasions.

Income Efforts

I'm fortunate to have VA benefits.

I am currently receiving $1700 per month from the VA

We do not live out of our budget.

I have applied for over 10 jobs in the past three weeks.

I have asked for help from church, Social Security, and welfare department. I have no family to rely on.

Specific Needs

I worked hard in my lifetime and I would love to be able to provide for my family.

I would like to see a dentist. I need dental work, and I have no dental insurance.

I would love for my wife to be able to see a doctor. My wife has had some issues with her health lately and may be in need of a hysterectomy, but without insurance and other sources of income I cannot afford this.

It would be nice not to have to worry if we are going to make our bills.

It would be nice not to have the constant added stress of worrying about stretching my budget and hoping there are no added unexpected expenses.

I would appreciate any and all benefits, grants, advice that I can get.

Business Idea

I would like to have my own business again.

I used to own a German Bratwurst and hot dog restaurant, but when the economy took a dive six years ago, so did we. We had a superior product, and never had a complaint.

The location of our restaurant was the main reason for the decline. I believe that with a proper location and the efforts that my wife and I made every day in our restaurant it would have be more successful.

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Mar 29, 2015
Thank you
by: Walter Jones

I want to say thank you for helping me in the writing of this letter. It's a great feeling knowing that there are people out there that are willing to give up their time to help others.

Mar 29, 2015
Well done story
by: Don from Ability Mission


You have done such a great job of expressing the frustration that disabilities can bring to your life.

With your story being published you are now ready to go on to the Workbook stage.

Stay with it!

Don Coggan

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