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Disability Grant To Help Woman With Pelvic Floor Disorder Repair Home

by Mirabai Sheridan
(Milford, CT, USA)

I am a 38-year-old female. I own a small cape in Milford, CT.

I currently practice meditation and I enjoy writing. I am an avid outdoors fan, and enjoy spending as much time as I can in nature.

Disability Issues

I currently have a very severe case of pelvic floor disorder, coupled with chronic interstitial cystitis. This has greatly limited my ability to leave the house or go on long trips.

I am making an attempt to work an overnight shift in the security field to afford my health insurance. I am in constant pain and I am always tired since this condition keeps me up all night.

Financial Hardship

Since it took me a year to acquire SSDI, I fell behind with my mortgage. My credit card debt increased greatly during this time. It is now difficult to even make minimum payments on them.

My SSDI barely covers my mortgage payment. Now I have utilities, food, cell phone, clothes, gas, car payment, insurance, and more to pay for as well.

I applied at DSS for SNAP (food stamps) and was denied. I even sold all my furniture last year in order to survive.

My house is also in need of many repairs and alterations.

Income Efforts

I am on SSDI. I am doing my best to maintain my security job once a week.

My family has helped as best they can, but they are in debt themselves. I have applied at DSS for SNAP and SAGA and was denied for both.

Specific Needs

I am seeking any financial aid I can get. I need to take care of my credit card debt, home expenses, house repairs, groceries, etc. Aid in the form of grants, food vouchers, cash or checks would be helpful to me.

I can use any and all help to maintain my home. My front steps need to be altered as well, to assist me with my condition.

Also, certain specialists I need to see are not covered under my insurance. I am looking for financing for that also.

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