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Disability Grant To Help Work Accident Disabled Man Get Debt Relief

by Timothy Harrington
(Oxford. NY, USA)

I have been disabled since April 27, 1990 when I had a accident in a sawmill where I slipped on some boards and felt a huge pop in my lower back.

I went to the emergency room, and was referred to a orthopedic doctor. After about a year of conservative treatment, I was told I needed surgery to correct my herniated disc in my low back.

I now have five bulging discs at present by MRI tests. The whole year 1990 waiting for this surgery was murder for me, and I was lost in my pain, and drank to help me overcome the horrendous pain I was in.

At one point in the year 2000 I was consuming about a quart of Black Velvet whiskey, a very bad thing to do, but it helped with my pain and mental moods.

One night after spending my entire Social Security check on booze in a bar, I drove home broke and very drunk. I lost control of my pickup truck and slammed into an apple tree, the truck went upside down pinning me under it by my left arm.

I suffered a broken shoulder, collarbone smashed beyond repair, a punctured left lung, five broken ribs and blood clots on my brain. I spent 15 days in a hospital.

I was violent and could not stand it. I tried to get out of bed for a cigarette or two, but was attached to the wall with rubber hoses coming out of my chest which ripped loose when I fell and hit my head in the room where they kept me, because I tried to get out of bed.

The doctors decided to tie me down to the bed restraining me to no end and only untied me to eat what little I could. I took this accident and have used it to better myself as best I could.

I quit drinking entirely at that time. I have given up smoking cigarettes about two years now, cold turkey after smoking for 35 years.

Yet I still have the medical bills, from two different medical corporations UMA (United Medical Associates), and UHS (United Health Services). UHS I owe just a little over $2000 to these places that provided me with medical help.

I have health insurance now with Medicare A&B along with Touchstone Health Insurance. Still I have a steel plate for a left collarbone, which really bothers me in cold weather.

I also suffer from the sawmill accident, which left me with a failed bone graft fusion of L3-4 to S-1, which has my left leg numb and tingling with constant low back and leg pain.

Experts tell me that there's nothing they can do but make me comfortable with drugs. I know they can do things to get me back to work, so I suffer.

The blood clots I had in my head have corrected themselves. I have a great deal of depression and anxiety, which I'm on medicine for. We're talking very strong pain relievers that affect my moods in daily life.

I cannot work at any level since the 1990 day of accident. Although I don't drink or smoke any more I receive very little to live on, and pay my bills of daily living.

Social Security Disability at present time is only $611 a month. Most folks get that a week for the work I did.

I heat my home, with firewood that I cut myself or struggle all summer to get enough. I also have propane gas, hot water, telephone, food, car insurance to get to and from the doctor and drug store, and to get groceries to eat.

I'm married to a very understanding wife of 20 years the fourth of July 2010. We have gone through very much, with my drinking, staying out half the night till I felt better (pain relieved).

I used to try and do odd jobs for people who felt sorry for me, like cleaning out flowerbeds and planting small very small trees and flowers I picked off the dump where they were thrown away.

I thought I could make some money, not much, but some to help support my drinking behavior. I used to be the life of many parties and had many in my life who I THOUGHT were my friends...

Now that I quit drinking and smoking I have no friends at all. I have lived with my wife in the same home for 12 years and no one has come by, not one so-called friend.

My relatives have mostly died off. I was very close to an uncle who was more of a father than my deceased real father ever was.

I'm a broken man and I need help to pay the $2000+ dollar medical bills, so that I might just be able to see a doctor to care for my left wrist that I injured in a fall on ice just last week. My left wrist hurts me a lot even with the many hardcore pain drugs I take for my back condition.

My wife works and yet makes about $200 too much for us to be eligible for SSI. I cannot get SSI to help, or welfare or food stamps, or even help to pay for the propane we use for hot water.

I live a very alone life, and have had to give up many past times, ice fishing, hunting for deer to eat, or going to the local dirt track to watch races on Friday nights. It costs too much.

I have not been able to take my wife out for dinner in a long time, yet she does not complain, but works hard every day and drives in all kinds of weather to get to work 35 miles one way.

If miracles happen I surely could use one to get out from under the medical debts I owe due to the accident. I did not ask to be disabled, and my self worth comes with a handle to flush any idea of having any fun in the remaining years of my life.

I'm 51 years old, and have a few years left, if I can handle what I must to live out my life... Others in my position have taken the coward's way out with suicide. I will not.

I have thought about it, but will suffer the many bill collectors calling me at all times of the day and even on weekends a few times. I tell them I have not worked in 20 years and with no hope of ever being able to work. I tell them do what you must; I just cannot pay what I owe.

I'm at the end of my rope with no knots to hold to, and it's a slippery thing. To see many with bills just whip out the credit card and charge this or that and go on makes me sick knowing they can't pay their bills or not wanting to.

Me, I pay every cent each month of what I can, and my wife is forced to pay what is left out of her income to barely get us by each month.

I have lost a first wife and two daughters from my years of drinking, and my girls have been raised by another man who stole my previous wife then beat them all, so from where I stand its a very bleak life, and it's not going to change for the better any time soon.

I'd rather be dead than have to have charity from others. I have a speck of pride left that I feel I must keep to myself along with a little humor to get through the many painful days.

I must endure in this life as it's called. Where the help will come from I have no clue but I'm in REAL need of some kind of help.

I'm tired of being told no, you don't qualify for any programs because your wife makes too much, I ask how much too much? They replied the last time by 200 lousy bucks.

And I'm left holding the slippery rope of life. Mr. Timothy Harrington of central New York.

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Dec 19, 2012
Try the Benefits Finder
by: Don from Accessible.org


Accident stories like yours are always so hard to read. I admire the courage it must take to keep on keeping on.

To find out if you might qualify for a number of benefits, go to the Benefits Finder at benefits.gov and answer a few questions.

Based on your answers, you get a computer-generated list of benefits that apply to you. The list has program descriptions and contact information so you can follow up.

The Benefits Finder is already easy to use and this video tutorial makes it even more so:


Good luck with it!

Don from Accessible.org

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