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Disability Grant Will Help PTSD Disabled Dad Fix Home For His Kids

by Casey Coleman
(Rome, NY, USA)

I'm a 39-year-old father of two kids ages six and four. I have visitation every other weekend.

I receive SSDI for post traumatic stress disorder and depression related disorders.

I am looking for help to fix my house that is in need of repair. I tried to get rental assistance, but I was told there was a 2 1/2 year wait.

I purchased a home and it needs some repairs. I am looking into getting some assistance through a weatherization program but there is a five-year wait!

Disability Issues

I am officially disabled. It is post traumatic stress disorder and I have depression.

It started when at work a truck driver hit me with a tractor-trailer. After that I just wasn't the same.

I suffer from nightmares, I have panic attacks and I can't handle any type of stress. I have been seeing my therapist ever since.

The medication I take helps with my symptoms but they are not a cure all. I can never return to the type of work that I used to do.

Financial Hardship

I had to buy a cheap house because I could not afford the going rental rate. I can afford this mortgage and taxes that I am responsible for.

There isn't much left to repair the house. I was able to get HEAP this winter to help pay for heating costs.

I am in need of many things. I am in need of household furnishings also.

The property I did purchase is in a commercially zoned area, so I was hoping that I could even start a at home business there.

I have to live in this sub standard house because I have no other choice due to my financial situation.

It is better than being homeless, but currently it is not a place I can bring my children. I hope one day that it can.

Income Efforts

I do receive SSDI but it is not enough for everything that is needed. I rely on my family and friends for a lot of help.

I hope that I can start a home business some day (with no stress).

I have worked with a vocational agency trying for find me a part time job, but nothing yet. It has been about a year now. I will keep trying, I can't keep living like this.

Specific Needs

I was hoping for grants to fix my house, first of all.

Also, I would love a grant to start a home business. I have always had an interest in becoming a landlord.

If there is a way to help me obtain a multifamily house and receive rent, that would get me out of this situation.

Maybe there are other ideas out there that I have not heard of.

Business Idea

I would like to start a home business. I would like to do it managing real estate. If there were a grant to help me purchase a multifamily home to increase my income, hat would be great.

I am open to just about any at-home business, but the ones that I have checked out on the Internet all seem to be scams. So real estate is the only one that I can think of.

Especially in the position that I am in, I would like to pass on kindness to people that are in my position by offering reduced rent until they can afford to pay the going rate.

I would also prefer to rent to low income people and offer them a nice place to live because that is exactly what I am looking for myself.

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