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Disability Grants Advice For Disabled Jimmy And Patsy To Fund Multiple Needs

by Jimmy Maddox
(Darby, MT, USA)

We are Jimmy and Patsy Maddox. We are 77 years old and have been married for 57 years.

We are originally from the south. We have lived here in rural southwestern Montana just some 30 miles north of the Continental Divide since 2005 when we retired due to health issues.

Our only family members live in another state. We have not been able to get together since relocating here.

I was involved in business, sales and consulting, mostly in the automotive related industry. I worked for Porsche Cars North America in Reno, NV in the early eighties.

Patsy was a registered nurse with the VA Hospital system until 1996 when she developed a chronic respiratory condition.

Disability Issues

My disability issues began in 1971 with the loss of my left leg above the knee in an accident. The next major issue occurred in 1991 with a heart attack. I had double bypass surgery and an additional procedure in 1992.

This proved to have a lasting effect until this day.

During the more recent years since 2005 we have both experienced numerous incidents, fractures and corrective surgeries contributing to our increased physical disabilities.

When I broke my left hip I began what has been a continuing difficulty in getting a proper fitting and useful prosthesis for the last nine years.

A neck disc replacement, two lower back disc fusions and right hip replacement have further challenged me.

I can no longer stand for normal periods of time. Walking without assistance is out of the question now. I use my power chair almost exclusively now for mobility.

Patsy has had three lower back disc fusion surgeries since 2006. She suffered a brain injury two years ago requiring surgery and has yet to recover fully.

Communication, balance and strength are daily issues for her. She also uses a power chair for mobility.

Financial Hardship

Today we exist on a low fixed Social Security income. We lost all of our meager retirement in 2008.

Normal living expenses, insurances and medical bills take all we have each month.

We are unable to work.

I have had to cut some of my prescriptions recently.

Our old 1987 car needs a lot of work like brakes, tires, shocks and tune up to keep going for very long. Plus it will not support a wheel chair lift anyway. It is our only means of transportation and we cannot afford to get it repaired.

Transportation for those in our condition and using wheelchairs is non-existent here.

We still owe thousands of dollars in medical, dentist and vision bills. Plus Patsy needs cataract surgery now.

Income Efforts

We both are receiving Social Security Benefits. We get some LIHEAP energy assistance and food program. We have Medicare, Medicaid and Rx Plan.

We have cookie-jarred to invest in several so-called home-based business ventures in the past. All have been unsuccessful.

All in all, more goes out than comes in and it has been very disappointing.

We have had some financial assistance from friends in emergencies and have tried to repay all.

Our family has not been in any position to help even if we were to ask, so we don't.

We have applied for a loan for a van through the Montana Assistive Technology Program. Our application is under review.

Many states have such programs we have learned and would like to share such resources with others. However, if approved we will need assistance with our financial planning to be able to afford the payments and increased insurance costs within our budget.

Thus we are concentrating on the grant aspect.

Specific Needs

We need a wheelchair accessible van to regain our mobility and independence in getting to appointments and shopping.

We need clothes and shoes as ours are getting old and wearing out.

We need a computer, printer, tablet and phone upgrades to communicate and create a successful home business to insure our reversing this downward spiraling vortex of financial doom we are in.

We need financial assistance to restore our credit rating.

We need advice and mentoring in creating new sources of income from home.

We need legal advice for personal and business reasons.

We need help identifying and properly applying for grants and creating a business plan.

We are actively looking for grants to fund our needs but we need guidance. We DO NOT need sympathy.

We want to succeed, become self-sufficient and give back to the community by sharing what we are learning with others in need.

Business Idea

I am an innovator. Always have been since childhood when we had little and we made all our toys from what we had. I am truly grateful for this ability.

I still create things we need now because I have to and will continue to do so as I get a real feeling of accomplishment in doing so. But it is getting old!

We need to profit from our ideas now and we have a lot of ideas. We need guidance to select those worthy of creation and marketing.

We have product ideas, business ideas and even a secret family recipe we want to develop a business plan for.

We have started researching how to proceed but get overwhelmed quickly these days. So many aspects involved that we don't know how to go about doing.

And we need protection for our ideas and need help there as well.

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Nov 19, 2015
by: Jimmy Maddox

Thank you for helping write and publishing our story. We have the workbook and are following it as suggested. We will be sharing this great resource with all we can. Thank you sooo much!

Nov 19, 2015
Next step... the Workbook
by: Don from Ability Mission

Hi Jimmy,

Your story is so well done, I think I will use it as an example for others to follow!

Now that it is published you have access to the Workbook, which shows you how to use your story to get the help you need.

Many visitors are frustrated by home businesses that don't work out or that are just plain scams. This is why we recommend so few.

One that you might want to consider is the Referral Partner program by the Disability Digest. There is no money to put into it and you can work at it as much or as little as your time and energy permit. Get the lowdown here:

Disability Digest Referral Partner Program

It won't cost you a cent to window-shop. :)

Don Coggan

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