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Disability Grants For 100 Percent Disabled Vietnam Era Army Vet To Pay Off Van

by Larry Lease
(Kittitas, Washington, USA)

I am 64 years old, male and have been married for 37 years now. I have three boys ages 37, 33 and 32.

My oldest lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. My second lives with us. My youngest lives in Wisconsin. I was in the Army for almost 10 years.

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Disability Issues

I got hurt in Vietnam in October of 1968. I lived on a barracks ship on the Mekong River. I was stationed with the 2nd brigade 9th Infantry Division, better known as the River Rats.

I was the Brigade Courier there. I carried classified documents to the people that needed them on different ships. I got hurt when I was on my way back to the communications center with the bags of information, mail and newspapers.

I had just got the bags of through the door when the Navy sounded general quarters so to clear the stairwell I grabbed both bags and jumped backwards down the stairwell.

I hit the fire hydrant at the bottom of the stairwell with both bags on top of me. I managed to clear the stairs so the Navy personnel could get to their guns.

I had some trouble walking at this time. I did not turn it in until I got to my new assignment, as I was having a lot of trouble walking then.

The VA gave me 100% Disability in 2002 for this injury, and put me in a wheelchair. I had four heart attacks in 2001 and hit the same spot that I got injured.

I could not walk at all so they gave me a wheelchair at this time. I have 100% on PTSD, and 100% on my heart condition. I also have 100% for Agent Orange.

Financial Hardship

I pay rent $1195, utilities $400 to $500 a month sometimes less, van payment $859.63, food whatever we can afford $100 to $150 a month if we're lucky. Other bills include gas for the van, doctor bills and medication for the wife.

Transportation to the VA Hospital for doctor appointments is $120 to $600 for one to five trips a month sometimes more. I have to miss some of my appointments because I don't have any money for gas to make the appointment.

Income Efforts

People would not hire me because I had been to Vietnam. They told me that they did not want a baby killer working for them. The School Districts would not hire me because they said that because I had been to Vietnam that I might kill a child.

All I could get was part-time work because as soon as they found out I had been to Vietnam they would fire me. But they would tell the employment office that I was over-qualified or under-qualified for the position.

Specific Needs

I seek a grant to pay off my disability van. I think we can make it then. I think the amount left owing on the van is around $33,000. The payments are $859.63 a month at an interest rate of 16.9%. The payments are so high because it is financed on a Lease to Own.

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Feb 14, 2014
Help to pay off my Disability Van
by: Larry D Lease

Thank you very much for helping me, as I did not know what or how to do this. You have my greatest admiration for volunteering to help people like myself. My Hat is off to your organization for all the help that you gave to me. I recommend you to all VETERANS that do not know what to do.

Larry Lease

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