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Disability Grants For Accidented Army Carpenter To Continue Medical Treatment

by James Guarno
(Deerfield, New York, USA)

I am a 54-year-old male and I have lived in the Central New York area for more than 45 years. Please note that I am not a writer and forgive me for my mistakes.

I have worked in the construction field for more than 35 years… since I was 16 years old. Construction was my lifeline for many years.

Working as a carpenter was very rewarding. Being able to convert an old and out of style kitchen, bathroom or new additions into a new a modern pieces of work, was gratifying. Plus the pay wasn't bad. This is what I loved to do! This is all I know how to do. I'm a builder.

As a kid growing up I loved to play sports, high school football, baseball and basketball. I also enjoyed fishing, golf and hiking. At one time I was a pretty good athlete.

I served in the US Army from 1983 through 1988. I spent two years in Germany while serving my country, and the rest of my time in the USA. I received an honorable discharge at the end of my term. It was a great experience serving my country.

After my military service responsibility, I then continued to work as a carpenter with local firms in my area. As time passed, I started my own construction business part time, and worked full time as a sale rep for one of the big box stores, building displays and store resets.

My life was on the right track. I was a healthy and strong person at this time and making a pretty good wage of $700 and more.

I met my wife shortly after I got out of the army, fell in love and got married.

I have a family of four starting with my wife who is the love of my life, and my best friend. My beautiful wife is a hardworking person and has been for many years of her life. She works full time to help support our family, and she is a wonderful mother to her children.

We have two children, a girl and a boy. My daughter graduated college in 2013 and is now seeking a teaching job as an elementary teacher. My son is currently a third year college student at a catholic school. His choice of studies is math and science.

This is the reason why my wife and I work so hard for our family. Our goal is to make sure our children get a good education and become productive persons in their future.

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Disability Issues

On September 20, 2001 my life changed for the worst. I was involved in an auto accident on the New York State thruway. I suffered a broken neck and injuries to my back. My life changed forever that day.

After weeks of treatments and therapy with no relief I had to have surgery. On April 1 2002 I had a neck fusion in the cervical area c2-c3-c4. I committed to months of rehabilitation and therapy.

I still had complications with my normal functions and continued to seek additional medical help. I made an attempt to go back to work, which didn't happen because of too many physical issues.

As I continued to seek help through many doctors I became frustrated with my condition. In 2004 I went to the Bonati Institute in Hudson Florida. There I received two additional surgeries to the neck area and a left-side laminectomy. Weeks of rehabilitation and therapy continued.

I made another attempt to return to work with no success. I had injured myself again at work. I had to seek medical care for my back and shoulders. Weeks of therapy did not help.

I needed surgeries to my left and right shoulders. Weeks for therapy followed. I had to wait a while for the left shoulder to heel before my next procedure.

But something was wrong after the surgery to my right shoulder. I still have great pain. I had to go back for another procedure in December 2013. As I write you today I am still recovering from surgery.

I have major issues with my lower back and tailbone, severe hip pain on my left side and an injury to my Achilles heel.

All these past and present health issues are very real. I have nothing but pain all day. I can't sleep. I have yet to receive complete medical care for my back issues. I can't afford it.

Financial Hardship

I have SSD benefits, workers compensation benefits and my wife's income, but it is not nearly enough to handle our bill obligations.

I've sold artwork and anything of value to help with our situation. I have never felt so hopeless. This is a no win situation.

The loss of income over the past years has drained our savings account, checking account and all extra cash we had saved.

I borrowed money from close friend and family a number of times, but that well is dry.

I'm not able to earn an income to offset the bills.

My mortgage is late again. My gas, electric, water and insurance are all behind.

If my family doesn't get help soon we will be with out utilities services and a home.

I am unable to make my doctor appointment due to lack of gas money. My family and my life are in dire straits. I don't no what more to tell you.

Income Efforts

I made a number of attempts to return to work with very little progress. As of August 11 2006, my doctor determined that my physical condition was serious enough to place me on total Disability. So the only choice was to receive SSD at $1,039 a month.

I also receive $335 through workers compensation due to this being a work-related injury. My wife income is around $2,236 per month.

I had borrowed money from a close friend to help with my son's school tuition.

Specific Needs

If my family were to receive some assistance through grants, loans or benefits, it would help stabilize our financial situation and give our family an opportunity to move forward with our lives.

If there are any disability grants that I may qualify for that are available, I would be most interested in what they have to offer.

There is a program that may fit my situation and ability to get back in to the work force -- home inspection. The cost is around $6,500.

I would also need to help with my son's college tuition.

I need medical treatment. I would be willing to consider any new or existing procedures or treatment that would help with my medical condition.

I have a long road ahead of me. Please Help! I am willing to do anything to help my family and myself. Family first!

Business Idea

The only idea I would consider would be rental property. I have past experience in property management and rental units. I would consider buying an apartment building or rental property where the income from the rentals units would help with paying mortgage loan, taxes and insurance.

Funds from the income property would go back into the investment fund for any additional rental units for sale. I would be able to oversee the property and ownership responsibility.

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