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Disability Grants For Army Vet Bo With Nerve Damage Build Holster And Sheath Business

by Bo Dyer
( Sulphur Springs, Texas, USA)

Bo Dyer Seeks Disability Grants To Build Holster And Sheath Business
My name is Bo Dyer. I'm a 34-year-old on Disability and father of four. We live in Sulphur Springs, Texas.

I have two boys and two girls. Robert is 14 and my oldest son, and Bo Jr is 10. The Girls are Grace and Charlie, ages seven and five.

Outside of the military I have no friends or support channel.

I do have some family here but often enough they are busy when help is needed.

I was three months shy of eight years in active Army and I miss it every day. I find it hard to connect with the community in my hometown, which makes having friends difficult.

I feel alone and have no purpose now.

Disability Issues

I have nerve damage in my left leg that in prolonged sitting, standing, or walking induces shooting pain throughout my leg.

In my right-shoulder I have tendonitis, which at times affects the rotation of my shoulder.

I also have sleep problems that are documented but have not been seen for yet to date.

I have tried to work several times, but the pain catches up with me and makes employment very hard.

I was told I would have a minimum of a 10-year healing period of nerve damage if it heals at all.

I also get ridiculed for using my parking pass to use disabled stalls at local stores, which is very upsetting.

Financial Hardship

I have a very hard time keeping up with the money going out to house, feed and clothe four children. I get very little in comparison with what I should, not being able to work.

I take medication but find it hard to make the trip to VA Hospital for the check-ups to continue receiving medication. The trip takes about an hour worth of travel and sitting for that long tends to cause pain and discomfort.

I have worked since I have been out of the military but the pain becomes overwhelming and most places don't want you to take a medication that will alter your state of mind.

Lyrica is what I take and I can become lucid or over relaxed feeling, which does help with the pain. Employment is the problem.

Income Efforts

I have attempted to work for several places within my community such as the sheriff's department, factory work, gas stations, etc. None have panned out.

I have applied for Social Security to help offset, but was denied.

I have not received any donations or grants from any organizations at this time, but finding out my efforts to make it overwhelming and I need help.

Specific Needs

I'm looking for grants and funding for a small business to bring additional income into my large family. We struggle month to month and it's hard to spend quality time with them.

My children are growing so fast and I can see all the things I'm missing always looking for ways to pay all the bills. It would be nice to have a small business that could allow additional income and more time with my family.

Business Idea

I'm looking to start up a Kydex Holster And Sheath company for my local area and surrounding areas. We currently do not have anything like this around here.

I also plan to sell these products over the Internet via websites and social media.

Most of the Kydex Holster companies I have researched make roughly $30,000 in the first year. That averages roughly $2500 monthly, making (selling) one holster a day every day.

I plan to make this a full-time opportunity for my family and me.

This product costs $5-$18 to produce and on average sells for $50-$80 per unit. I have researched many methods of starting a business and I think $30,000 will help get this opportunity rolling.

I believe I will easily meet my goals with this product because I'm passionate about firearms and have a broad knowledge when it comes to safely carrying said firearms.

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Jun 09, 2017
A prayer
by: John

Hi Bo, first and most, thank you for your service. I am sorry to hear about your troubles. I have said a prayer for you. Boy, let me tell ya, life threw us some curves at times and gets rough at times. But I pray a lot for life to better. I hope and pray that yours gets better soon. Hang in there Bo, as my Mom would say to me. Thank you.

Jun 05, 2017
by: Charles Vaughn

Hello Bo!

First, please accept my gratitude for the service and sacrifices that you have given our Country. I too am disabled and have not been able to return to the wonderful employment that I once had. Living on SSDI does not allow extra money for fun things nor giving much to the Church and/or others. But what I can give you is my prayers that someone or some Organization will come forward to assist you. May Our Good Lord give you strength, patience and hope as you wait for this assistance.

God bless you Bo.

Jun 05, 2017
Thank you
by: Bo Dyer

I want to say thank you for all your support with the edits and publishing my story.

Jun 04, 2017
Now you can access the Workbook!
by: Don from Ability Mission

Hello Bo,

Congrats on getting your story published! In doing so, you've acquired valuable hands-on experience in responding to precise instructions, the very kind that you will encounter when applying for help of any kind.

You've now earned the right to access the Workbook, which shows you how to use your story as a springboard to getting the help you need.

Don Coggan

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