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Disability Grants For Arthritis Disabled Cornell To Repair And Keep Family Home

by Cornell Lipscomb
(Burlington, NJ, USA)

My name is Cornell A Lipscomb. I am a 56-year-old man living alone. I lost the greatest parents in the world. My father passed away in 1996 and my mother passed away in 2013 and left me the house, which is home for me now.

I was born and raised in this house with my brothers and would like to keep it in the family with all the happy memories.

I have no military experience. I graduated from a vocational technical high school 1977, validated in diesel technology heavy truck repair.

I worked for a truck repair shop as a mechanic from 1976 till 1986 and then moved employment to a heavy truck dealership with some more schooling as a heavy truck technician from 1986 till 2005.

Unfortunately the dealership closed down October 2005.

My thriving fun hobby back in these days were dirt bikes and dirt track race cars.

Disability Issues

From 2005 till 2008 I did casual trucking jobs dealing with the discomfort till the physical suffering became chronic, hands, knees and back started bruising locking up.

Some days I could not walk. When the numbness transpired, it was time for the doctors.

Doctors claim my disability is the result of crawling on concrete especially wet sometimes frozen ground pushing without gentleness, shoving and kicking 600 to 800 pound transmission and differentials in place with constant use of air tools.

Air guns hit, knock and rattle loudly to all the body joints.

As a result, my condition diagnosed and being treated for is degenerative arthritis in both knees and hands, disc disease in my back and gout left and right foot.
Disabled by Arthritis but Still Smiling
Disabled by Arthritis but Still Smiling

Financial Hardship

My funds at this time are little to none. Not being able to work is hard.

I saved enough money one month to purchase parts and the next month to pay a plumber to replace a leaking water pipe in my basement. Now the roof is leaking and causing interior ceiling concerns.

I am in deep, deep debt with doctor and hospital bills so bad I do not know what to do.

I have trees that have to be cut down but do not have the capital at this time. I'm hoping to get some grant support before they fall onto house, especially since I have no home owners insurance.

Income Efforts

I use my SSDI benefits to pay my property taxes, a little of my electric bill and food.

Special thanks goes to to friends and family, just for daily needs.

My credit is so bad and not being able to work, I cannot get a conventional loan.

I tried jobs and work-at-home sites to earn income but all were scams, I lost lots of funds. Then more money sank into websites and so on and so on.

Specific Needs

Getting a grant to help with my legitimate goals is essential.

My main concern is replacing or repairing my roof and ceiling. I will make adjustments to my home to make it safe.

I would really like to get some disabled safety items installed in my bathroom.

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Nov 22, 2015
The angels that take care of people
by: Cornell Lipscomb

Ability Mission,
Thank you for publishing my story

Nov 20, 2015
Congrats! Now on to the Workbook
by: Donald

Well done Cornell!

You may now access the Workbook, which shows you how to use your story to get the help you need.

Don Coggan

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