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Disability Grants For Loy Disabled By Multiple Spine And Other Surgeries To Build Mobile Food Business

by Loy Horn
(Elkhart, Indiana, USA)

Multiple Spine And Other Surgeries Disabled Loy Seeks Business Building Grants
Multiple Spine And Other Surgeries Disabled Loy Seeks Business Building Grants
I am a 65-year-old white male. I have one son who does not live with me. I live in a one-bedroom apartment by myself.

I have had many surgeries in my life and I am disabled. The surgeries have taken many years to heal causing me to lose out on the ability to work in the work force.

Many people will not hire me now because of my age, so I have to go on my own to make a living.

Disability Issues

When my mother was pregnant with me the doctor gave her a drug supposed to help high-risk women with their pregnancy. The drug was DES made by Eli Lilly.

The drug was later proven to cause birth defects in children, and Eli Lilly knew it. The drug caused my bone structure to become altered.

I had scoliosis of the spine and some ribs never grew out and others were overlapping each other.

When I reached 33 years old my spine had gone to 96 degrees out of center this was due to a truck accident I had some seven years earlier. My spine was crushing my heart.

I had to have major surgery on my spine. The Doctors brought my spine back to 20 degrees of center.

They had to make an incision from two inches above my penis all the way around to my spine. They took out ten discs and pinned the vertebra then filled the area with bone for the bone graft.

The Doctor made an incision down the backside of the spine a painful surgery. The same process performed in the front operation was repeated on the backside.

In 1987, I finally went back to work driving a truck. The bone graft was fully healed.

The doctors told me that as I got older I would probably have to have hip replacements due to the loss of arch in my spine.

Because of the way that I walked, it shifted the weight to the front side of the ball in my hips. In 2005 I had to have the left hip replaced.

About a year after the hip replacement I started having pain in that hip. I found out a few days ago the doctors are going to do a revision surgery, replacing it with a newer brand without all the metal.

In 2003 I had to have open-heart surgery to replace my aortic valve. That was accomplished and I have had no problem since.

I applied for Social Security three times and in 2003 it was awarded. I had tried for three years.

In 1999 I had started working for an RV manufacturer and I got knocked off the top of a trailer by another employee I grabbed a rail falling through the trailer and tore my rotor cuff.

In 2003 the Doctors operated on the shoulder approximately three weeks before the open-heart surgery. The labrum in the rotator cuff was torn.
Financial Hardship

On an average month I make $1075 a month from Social Security. I bring in approximately $250 a week from part-time work. My bills per month are as follows.

• Rent $290
• Car payment $492
• Storage $55
• Comcast $185
• Verizon $125
• Assorted credit cards $230
• Attorney fees $50
• Fuel $100
• Insurance $131
• Electricity bill $60
• Food $75
• Tithing $28

Total Bills for the month. $1821

Total money left over at the end of the month $229

I have very little to live on and it is hard to make ends meet. It is very stressful living on such a small income, but I am managing.

It is not how you get knocked down it is how many times you get up. You got to have faith.

Income Efforts

I make very little money, as previously mentioned, I draw $1075 from Social Security and $250 in part-time money from odd jobs.

There is a problem with disabled older people trying to find work. Companies discriminate all the time simply by not hiring them.

Social Security will only let disabled people make $1000 more a month and not lose their benefits.

Specific Needs

With all the hardships that I have gone through I have been thankful for them because it makes the good times just that much sweeter.

I need a bed because the one I have is 17 years old and it makes it hard to sleep at night.

I hate false teeth, dentures. I would like to have permanent implants to eat better.

I need a new air conditioner. The old one I have does not blow cold air. Each apartment has a wall air conditioner to cool a one-bedroom apartment.

Business Idea

I need help in finding grants and financing to get my food truck going serving the restaurant food my family had in Colorado.

After searching my mind and thoughts for a long period, of time I came to the conclusion that getting more education would be to my best benefit.

I went back to school to further my knowledge. I already had most of the real life experiences that I needed, but I could always use more knowledge.

I was fortunate to have a lovely lady that produced the greatest efforts in helping me with vocational rehabilitation. I got my degree in Business and Marketing in four years.

My family in 1987 opened the Diamond D Restaurant in Delta, Colorado. My father and I had driven cross-country for a trucking company for four years straight mostly in Texas.

This area of the country is prominent with BBQ restaurants, an inexpensive way to operate a restaurant when preparing a meat product.

I was in the process of healing after my many surgeries at this point in time. This was a tough time in my life.

The family had the best BBQ sauce of any restaurants around and we would sell it to customers. Being bored one night my father told me put it on the market jokingly.

I did just what he told me to do. In eight months I had our sauce on the market. It was manufactured in California under the name of Diamond D BBQ Sauces.

In our test market Hunts took 27 percent of the market and we took 26 percent… a great accomplishment even if I should say so myself.

I want to make a great success with our food. I know I can do it. I would like to get grants and financing to put a mobile food trailer or truck on the road and go to County Fairs and Concert venues selling our great food. I would sell some of the best pork ribs a person has ever tasted.

Please help me be successful. Thank you.

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Dec 20, 2017
Use the workbook
by: Don from Ability Mission

Hello Loy,

Congrats on getting your story published! In doing so, you've acquired valuable hands-on experience in responding to precise instructions, the very kind that you will encounter when applying for help of any kind.

You've now earned the right to access the Workbook, which shows you how to use your story as a springboard to getting the help you need.

Don Coggan

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