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Disability Grants For MS Disabled Mother Of Son With Depression And Anxiety

by Barbara Anderson
(Crosby, MN, USA)

Barbara and son Ian

Barbara and son Ian

Barbara and son Ian Barbara, Ian, Beauty and Chance

I am a divorced 52-year-old mom raising my last child, a son who is 13 years old. This story is about both him and me.

My second child, a daughter, lives out East with her dad. My oldest daughter is married with three boys and a full time job. They live three miles from us.

In June of 2011, my son and I relocated to Minnesota where my immediate family resides.

My profession was that of a special educator in the inner city. I loved that career but my illness made it very difficult for me.

I could not maintain the toughness a person needs to survive the brutally hot/cold buildings with very poor sanitary conditions and poor administrators.

Disability Issues

On June 30, 2010, I was officially diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. I suspected MS for several years. The doctors could not confirm it.

It wasn't until I suffered a blow to my head that the monster, MS, clearly surfaced. It convinced my doctors and me that I had a serious illness. It evolved into a living nightmare as my body could not tolerate heat or stress.

I fought hard with the help of my MS doctor but the medications didn't work. Going forward, I was forced to leave my job and was awarded Social Security Disability in May of 2011.

My son suffers from depression and anxiety. He has used cutting and suicide attempts as a means to cope. He started cutting in 2009 while I was still married but separated.

His father chose to ignore Ian's depression and anxiety because that is the way my former husband thought and still thinks. I was just the opposite, choosing to seek help for my Ian.

My husband and I divorced and he gave me legal permission to relocate Ian with me to Minnesota. So we left NJ and returned to my homeland.

Ian loves Minnesota but his depression and anxiety remain.

I can provide the necessary documentation for what I've described.

Financial Hardship

I have a good and sound budget, which I follow endlessly. But with the rising costs of medical care, food and shelter, I am struggling to make Ian's co-payments for his counseling.

I do receive extra help for my medical bills and medication; however, I still have to deal with co-payments and co-insurance until I reach the deductible.

We have found a great team of mental health professionals in Brainerd. I just need a little help with Ian's co-payments and co-insurance.

I also need help in getting transport to NJ for my Workers Compensation case.

Income Efforts

My son and I receive SSDI, child support and alimony for income. It may sound like a lot but it just gets us through each month.

Specific Needs

I seek advice and any grant(s) that will help me with my son's counseling co-payments.

I am also looking for help with my travel expenses for my Workers Compensation case in NJ.

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Nov 26, 2013
by: Barbara A.

Yes, he has therapy at school and out of school. My son will not attend church with me and I can't force him. Thank you for replying to our story. I appreciate your time in reading it. God Bless.

Nov 25, 2013
There is still hope
by: George Starcher

MS is hard to deal with and your son needs a psychologist. Move to a cheaper place. That will help your budget. Your son needs to love GOD. Take him to church every Sunday and other days if you can get him involved. Nothing is further away to those who do not ask and believe. Go to the library get a book called "Grants for Dummies." Read it and apply for a grant that will work for you. Keep the faith.

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