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Disability Grants For Schizoaffective Karen To Rebuild Life With Art Business

by Karen Soon
(San Jacinto, California, USA)

Hello! I'm Karen Soon, aka Karen Bloodwolf! I'm 23 years old, born female, although I often want to be a male too haha (since I was five)!

Schizoaffective Karen Seeks Business Disability Grants
Schizoaffective Karen Seeks Business Disability Grants

I love my family so much! My birth parents are still married and they had three boys and three girls. I am the first-born. I love my friends. They're like family and everyone is special in God and in my heart!

My parents have three dogs and I have no kids yet. I currently live at a boarding care and am hoping to get off conservatorship soon!

My program that gives me aid gave me a therapist and she said if I do good six months straight she will write me a recommendation letter to get off conservatorship!

It's been almost four months and I've honestly improved a ton and she said that too! I recommend faith in God to always help you and learn how to be very positive.

Disability Issues

I was diagnosed with major depression at age 12. They quickly changed it to bipolar and then schizoaffective, which is schizophrenia and bipolar!

I've struggled since I was 11, sometimes so bad I wanted to go home to Heaven. For a total of 12+ years no exaggerations I'm telling the truth. I wish to write a book about it.

I felt such sorrow so much! I used drugs to escape and it got me kicked out of my home! I thought I wasn't that bad but I'm glad they kicked me out cause I developed a lot through my worst fears being locked up for mental illness.

I was in two locked facilities from January 2015 to September 2016; that's two years and eight months. Let me tell you that God talks to me and helped me a ton with love, compassion, wisdom, etc.

I used to hate myself cause I had an undiagnosed body dysmorphic disorder since I was a small kid. God helped me with kind words and such to help me grow in my self-love, positivity, faith, comfort and sobriety. No more paranoia and the worst… what ifs. I found great joy. I'm a new person.

I'll stay on my meds if they stay covered or affordable, but God cured my illness! I was sick, nauseous and dizzy and weak (daily for three years I threw up a lot).

Through my faith I was healed! I'm into purifying myself through my intentions and to be more like Christ! I love being very good!

I'm on SSI and will get $896 a month, but it may change if I decide to move from California to Tennessee, where my family lives. All this is 100% true, and also note that this is what happened to me.

I broke my hip, spine and feet/ankles and it's very hard for me to stand or walk long distances. I was in a wheelchair for a year. And I'm just glad I'm out of hell and getting my life back together. But I need some help.

Financial Hardship

I take about 11 pills a day, 10 in the morning and one at night. They used to not work but then God blessed me.

I had to have faith. I want my business to grow enough to help provide for my family and help my close friends. It's my dream to and I'm looking into selling many types of various forms of art.

The most recent thing I'm now addicted to is making 3D models, but my computer is crashing even more now. I'm unable to work and need to invest in programs and technology.

I wish to invest in 3d printing too. I want to animate my own story for my toy characters! It will be 2D and 3D! I love digital and traditional art and writing and music.

My arts site is karen-bloodwolf.weebly.com. I've never sold my own art before yet and I'm very ambitious to have a successful business, or to never struggle with money again.

It's very hard to be on conservatorship and forced to not be in control of where you can stay. I want my American freedom back. I want to be stable financially.

I have found a list of things I want for my own business called: Christ fire demon blood shop. Blood to me represents how pure Christ is, strong bonds, trust, care, passion and pure uncorrupt love for: others and myself in balance! I love being generous.

Income Efforts

I plan on researching advertisement plans and how to make my company bigger. I want to sell a lot of different art things in my store! Things I have total heart for and fun to create.

My name for my company means Christ fired the demon as in he no longer has a job to torture me. In fact I was literally tortured by evil: sensations, energy, vibes, dollars and feelings.

I had no shield when I had no trust in the lord. But now my shield is so great "it's like what devil?" Yes it is. I plan on budgeting extra well and hopefully get everything moving again, more like getting to get my own place. Close by family

I'm very ambitious but I need some help.

Specific Needs

I'm looking for any help I can find and I definitely need affordable housing like Section 8. And I'm not looking to stay poor forever.

Currently I'm not allowed to touch my back pay money and I get $100 a month to myself.

I have to make sure I could afford emergencies in the future like car wrecks or my family's bills too, while I balance mine, but building up foundation is important!

I never want to be in debt or lose my home or not be insured... I can only move up from here.

I think I'd be great managing my money more in the future and hopefully I can move out this year.

Business Idea

I'd love to work with people, stay stress free, see Heaven on earth more, help everyone somehow and learn the truth.

At times I get confused, but I love the mystery!! I question things about life and keep going back to the drawing board analyzing in my spare time and talking to God. I see certain things happening.

Anyways I want a home business and I'd love to make enough to make lives special in a sense of no more struggling and worrying or stress.

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May 31, 2017
A prayer
by: John

Karen, I also agree that you have came a long way. Just hang in there, while God works out the rough areas of your life. My prayers go out to you. Thank you. John

May 29, 2017
Blessings Karen
by: Charles Vaughn

You certainly have come a long way Karen. As your brother in Christ, I ask Him to grant you your needs in His will. God bless you, Charles

May 28, 2017
The Workbook is next...
by: Don from Ability Mission

Hello Karen,

Congrats on getting your story published! In doing so, you've acquired valuable hands-on experience in responding to precise instructions, the very kind that you will encounter when applying for help of any kind.

You've now earned the right to access the Workbook, which shows you how to use your story as a springboard to getting the help you need.

Don Coggan

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