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Disability Grants For Transportation And Food Will Help Affllicted Woman

by Geraldine Adkins
(Pekin, IN, USA)

I am a 63-year-old mother, grandmother, am great-grandmother. I am separated from my husband of 46 years. I have three children, nine grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren.

I live by myself in a one bedroom apartment. I am still taking care of myself and I try to help other people out when they need it. This is getting harder to do.

I am separated from my husband so he and I would be able to get some help for medical reasons.

Disability Issues

At the age of 50, I started to have health issues. I became anemic and had to have a transfusion of three pints of blood. This lead to the discovery of cancer, which required I have a hysterectomy.

I suffered emphysema and heart disease. I started falling, and fell twice in a year. This contributed to knee problems, a bulging disc, and foot problems. I stopped working.

I now have five stents in my heart and I am a diabetic. I show symptoms of shaking disease and suffer depression and high blood pressure (since 1984).

I have an overactive bladder problem and I am having problems with water around my heart and legs.

Financial Hardship

I bought a van before I stopped working and I still owe on it. I don't have enough money for repairs and usually have no money for gas by the middle of the month.

I can't watch regular television because I can't afford cable. I need a seat that I can sit in to do my dishes and cook. I could use a lift chair but can't afford the chair part that Medicare won't pay for.

I stretch my food stamps so I can eat at least once a day. I am in need of a table and chairs.

Income Efforts

I finally got SSDI after two years of fighting for it. I have Medicare and Medicaid, but they don't pay for everything I need.

My church helps with some food. I used to get help from friends, but they are no longer able to help. I don't understand the grant process. The work-at-home jobs I’ve found want money up front.

Specific Needs

I seek a grant that can help me with my transportation needs and to get stocked up on food. I would like to get the seat I need to be able to still live by myself.

I need to stock up on bladder products so I can still go out in public to do my shopping. I hope for anything else I need to help me to stay independent.

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