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Disability Grants For Transportation To Help Grandmother Suffering Arthritis

by Donna Hayes
(Meadowview, VA, USA )

My name is Donna Hayes. I'm 51 years old and the mother of five children and five grandchildren. My husband Jim and I have been married for 31 years.

I have always been a stay at home mom. It wasn't always financially easy, but it was very rewarding. It is the most important job of my life.

Disability Issues

I was first diagnosed with arthritis when I was 18. My doctor at that time told me I would be in a wheelchair by the time I hit my mid-30s. Although I'm not in a wheelchair yet, I do use a cane.

Almost monthly I can feel my disease advancing. I'm fighting to stay out of a wheelchair as long as I can.

I think the hardest thing for me to accept is the limitations I have with my grandchildren. I can't play chase with them or throw a ball or even take walks with them.

Although I love to cook their favorite foods, I can no longer promise them I can cook for them. My days are dictated by my arthritis pain.

Financial Hardship

Money is a daily struggle for my husband and me. He was laid off over a year ago and unemployment ran out long ago.

I receive $710 a month on SSI. This doesn't cover half the bills. We gratefully receive food stamps or else we wouldn't be able to eat. Our children try to help us when they can but they don't make a lot themselves.

I need to take physical therapy to help control the arthritis but we don't have reliable transportation. We own a 1995 Subaru that keeps breaking down, so I can't reliably keep physical therapy appointments 2-3 days a week.

Income Efforts

My husband has tried to get employment by answering every post he can find in the paper and on online sites for employment.

We recently got so far behind on the internet payments it has been cut off, making it even harder to stay in contact with the world and any opportunities he may find.

Specific Needs

We need any financial help we can get to pay rent and all our bills. We really need a reliable vehicle to get back and forth to my doctor and specifically physical therapy.

Reliable transportation would also be an advantage to helping my husband get a job so we can help ourselves.

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