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Disability Grants For USMC Vet Bruce With Back Surgeries To Repair Home And Relieve Debt

by Rev Bruce McCabe
(Lakeland, Florida, USA)

My name is Rev Doctor Bruce David McCabe. I'm a 61-year-old Pastor, Evangelist and Teacher.

USMC Vet Bruce Seeks Disability Grants For Home Repairs And Debt Relief
USMC Vet Bruce Seeks Disability Grants For Home Repairs And Debt Relief

I live in Lakeland, Florida my residence for the last 31 years. I'm a widower; my wife (Elaine) passed away after a nine-month battle with cancer in 2010.

I'm a former US Marine who served during the Vietnam War and was honorably discharged.

I've finished my education and have recently received my Doctorate in Evangelism, but even with my degree, I've not been able to find employment, as no one will hire a disabled 61-year-old person.

I have two grown children who do not live near me, and I have two grandchildren, one with each of my children.

I live in a home built in 1959 that is in need of repair. I have a one-year-old dog (Rosco) that is good company for me.

My wife (Elaine) and I were Missionaries to the Dominican Republic for several years before her passing. She was a supervisor at JC Penny's warehouse in Lakeland for many years and we made a good living.

But with her diagnosis, treatment and death, all our savings, her 401K and our retirement savings are now gone.

I've been an international Evangelist for over 15 years and I do all my mission work on a voluntary basis. I spend several months each year in other countries preaching and teaching on Evangelism and how to work in God's Ministry.

I also teach Pastors how to train up Evangelists, Missionaries and Laborers for their Churches. The Churches I travel to pay my travel and living expenses.

I'm a Certified Rescue Scuba diver and I volunteer for Disabled Scuba Diver training of Florida.

For several years here in Florida, I owned my Aluminum Contracting business. I built pool enclosures, screen rooms and aluminum roofs. I've worked in that field for over 30 years.

I injured my back doing this work in 1996, and continued to work until being forced to quit in 2008 due to continuing back problems and surgeries.

Disability Issues

My disability began in 2008 after working with a bad back. After several surgeries, I was advised by my doctors in the late 1990s to quit working, but I had a family to support and I continued to work despite my deteriorating condition.

I had my first back surgery in 2003 and have had another in 2012. I've also had a left knee surgery, two shoulder surgeries, two left foot surgeries, a joint replacement and stomach surgery.

I also need another surgery on my back, but I'm reluctant to have it, as it will lay me up for almost a year. And I'm not sure it will add any real value to my life.

I'm unable to do any full-time work that will allow me to live a normal life. I tried to go back to work in 2011 but after only six months, I had to have another back surgery.

I was unable to handle being on my feet for a 40-hour period and the strain on my back caused my deteriorating back condition to worsen, which caused me to have another surgery.

I'm able to do the volunteer work I do as I can set my own hours and rest as needed. But I can no longer do sustained work that will enable me to earn an income again.

Financial Hardship

I make $1054 a month from SSA Disability. I also receive $41 a month in food benefits.

My medical bills have mounted up for several years, as I do not make enough to pay off the 20% required by Medicare.

I cannot pay the deducible for my monthly doctor visits and prescriptions.

I presently have over $20,000 in unpaid medical bills and credit card debt from when my wife passed away, plus the remaining debt I incurred each month.

I'm not able to receive any Social Security from my wife's passing as I'm on Disability. So I receive no additional help from the government.

My monthly bills are as follows

• Mortgage - $397
• Car insurance - $49.97
• Car expense, gas, oil, repair - $35
• Internet - $39
• Electricity - $312 (current bill) $285 average
• Phone - $65
• Doctor copays, Prescription copays - $63

Total bills = $960.97 per month

Total left = $93.03

The remainder is what is left to pay for groceries, dog food, toiletries, clothes, miscellaneous expenses, yard work, cleaning supplies and assorted sundries.

Income Efforts

I presently work on a voluntary basis for "Heart For The Lost Ministries" doing International Evangelism training.

I have a monthly $1054 SSA Disability Income and receive food stamps of $41 a month, but I've no additional income.

Specific Needs

As of the writing of this letter, my car is not drivable, as the transmission is broken and it will cost $1500 to fix it.

I've found a repair facility that will let me make payments on it, but that is again an unavailable amount to be taken from my Disability check.

My most immediate need is the repair of my home:

• Several leaks in my roof
• Heating and air conditioning
• Plumbing
• Kitchen sink
• Bathroom tile, tub, sink and toilet

I had to remove all the carpet in my front room and dining room because of a water heater that broke and flooded those two rooms. Now I've bare cement floors that need new carpeting.

The vinyl flooring in the kitchen is ripped in many spots and needs to be replaced with tile or vinyl flooring.

When I was able to work I could have done these repairs myself, but I'm now unable to do this work.

With all my unpaid bills, I'm not considered creditworthy so I cannot get a loan to do these repairs.

I'm seeking help to make the needed repairs on my home and to fix my car. I need a way to get to my doctor appointments each month, and to go to church each week, and not have to rely on friends to take me to these places. It has been more than eight months since my car became unusable.

It's become very hard for me to have any quality of life with what I'm faced with, not being able to work after 40 years of full-time work.

With my wife's passing and the loss of her income, it's become very hard to make ends meet. With my home being in disrepair, not having my car and no family living near me to help, it's very hard for me to get anything done to make a difference in my situation.

With the very little money that is left each month I can barely buy food, let alone have anything left to enjoy anything in life.

Business Idea

My wife and I had a Coin and Jewelry store on eBay for many years. I still have some of the coins and jewelry available to make a start again and sell at our local flea market.

To get started, I would need a little help with: booth rent, display cabinets, advertising signs and of course a car repair so I could have a way back and forth.

This would at least allow me to have some income to get the added things needed each month.

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Jun 14, 2017
A prayer
by: John

Hi Bruce, sorry to here about your troubles. I understand your issues and I feel for you. I will say a prayer for you and your family. I and my wife are somewhat in the same situation. You hang in there, as we will do the same. Thank you.

Jun 13, 2017
The Workbook is next...
by: Don from Ability Mission

Hello Bruce,

Congrats on getting your story published! In doing so, you've acquired valuable hands-on experience in responding to precise instructions, the very kind that you will encounter when applying for help of any kind.

You've now earned the right to access the Workbook, which shows you how to use your story as a springboard to getting the help you need.

Don Coggan

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