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Disability Grants Offer Housing Assistance Hope For About To Be Mom

by Dejonnae Lawrence
(Franklin, VA, USA)

I just turned 19 years old. I have graduated from high school and received my high school diploma. I'm engaged to get married and I have kids on the way.

Disability Issues

I've been on disability for half my life. I've been getting SSI from my father's disability. But when I turned 18, they stopped all the SSI I was receiving from my father.

Financial Hardship

I've been unemployed since I was 17 years old. I've been looking for work but it's been hard for me find a job.

I've been trying find my own place for me and my husband and find a housing assistance program to help with it.

It's really hard. No one will hire me because I have no experience. I have never had a job of my own.

Income Efforts

I've been putting in applications for every food restaurant and clothing store but I've had no luck with getting hired.

I've tried get a job with pure romance and slumber parties but I have no money to purchase products to start my business off.

Specific Needs

I need housing benefits assistance programs and any other benefits I can get to find a place for my husband and I to be and for kids we have on the way

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Dec 29, 2012
by: Anonymous

Dear Claudy,

I understand that this site is for people with disabilities and I'm one of those people that have several. It has nothing do with me getting a SSI check from my father. I have had these disabilities ever since I was in elementary school up to high school. I'm now enrolled in two schools for an Associate Degree. I'm looking for help because of my disability that SSI have been sending me way before I was getting SSI from father. And my disability keeps me from working and getting a job.

Dec 27, 2012
Disability Is For The Disabled
by: Claudy


It sounds like your father is disabled and you are not! Your father was receiving a benefit for his dependent child. Now that child is grown and an adult. Disability is for the disabled! That means you must have a physical or mental problem that prevents you from working.

I suggest you get as much education as possible. You look in the phone book yellow pages for trades schools, colleges and universities in your area that you may be interested in attending. Then go to that place of learning to the financial aid office and inquiry how can you will be able to attend They will direct you to all grants and loans to make it possible. Once you have been accepted, most places of learning have employment opportunities for students.

It may be that having children is going to become first on your list for your attention. Everyone has to struggle before they succeed. You just have to keep trying until you get hired or start school. Maybe they have programs for you in your state. Call your State Social Services and ask if there is help for you.

Your fiance will be equally responsible for the care and support of your children. That is with or without a job. So he needs to start thinking about how you two are going to support these children on the way.

I hope you have some good luck. You need to just keep trying until you succeed. It now is not about just you but you and your children.

Take care...

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